How to Boost FPS in Fortnite in 2020 { 100% Results }


Fortnite is the online game which is developed by Epic Games. It was released in  Sept, 2017.  It is available on the following platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox one.


Best ways to boost FPS in Fortnite


Although the game is optimized properly but still its horrible for low specifications channel to play this game.


But, Don’t worry!


Here is the guide to boost fps in fortnite.


Clean the unnecessary temporary files 

You must be thinking that is it safe to delete the temporary files?


Yes, 100% its safe to delete them, it will increase your PC performance and frees up the space.


Steps to delete the temporary files.

  1. Press the start key and type Run and open it.
  2. Then type %temp% in the run box and press Enter.
  3. Now, the temporary files folder will open
  4. Press Ctrl + A and delete all the files.

Update Drivers and Optimize PC Settings.

How to update the drivers?

  1. Press the start key and type Device Manager.
  2. After opening Device Manager, click on any category of device list and right click on it.
  3. Select update drivers, then tap on Search automatically for updated driver software.

Disable the Mouse Acceleration

  1. Click on start and search for the Control Panel and open it.
  2. Click on Mouse.
  3. Go to the Pointers Option tab and uncheck Pointer Precision.


Optimize Fortnite in-game settings for boosting fps


Open Fortnite and head towards Battle royale.

Find the settings menu and set the frame rate to unlimited.

Set the motion blue feature to off

Set the Vsync to off

Set Anti-Aliasing to off

Set shadows to off.

Set Post Processing to minimum.

Now you can save the settings and relaunch the game.

Video Guide on boosting fps in fortnite




Enjoy fortnite with better fps now.

Thats all for this article, if you still have any questions please comment down below we will be happy to help you.


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