7 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes That You Need To Rectify

Do you want to run a successful Facebook ad campaign for your brand? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you must avoid some common mistakes that many people make. Now, it’s time to avoid those mistakes. You need to create your strategy to avoid the mistakes of your ad campaigns. There are several areas where many of you still make an error while running your ad campaigns.


Therefore, let’s find out the common mistakes that often ruin your money and time while running an Ad on Facebook.


Facebook Ads are not being integrated with any funnel:


Most of the advertisers make this mistake very often that they initiate Facebook Ad campaigns without any strategy. These types of mistakes are prevalent among the advertisers as there is no restriction in the entry. Anyone can easily launch Facebook ad campaigns following some guided steps.


You will waste money if you don’t develop a proper plan for running your Facebook ads. If you implement a Facebook ad without a plan, then the chances are higher that you may not get the desired result in a faster manner.


You need to devise a Facebook plan to create an ordinary viewer into a regular paying customer. In this regard, Facebook ad Funnel can become a handy tool for you.

There are three stages of planning. So, let us view these three major stages.

  • Building Awareness.
  • Engagement Remarketing.
  • Website remarketing.


In the first stage, your target will be to create awareness of your brand. For creating awareness more effectively, you can make use of Facebook video maker to generate a buzz for your products and services.


In the second stage, your task will be to hold the attention of your target audience. You can offer a discount or trial of your products and services through this promotion. Ultimately, it will result in better traffic.


In the last stage, the basic objective will be to drive sales by creating a sense of urgency in the minds of your target customer.


Running a Facebook ad campaign with a short term mindset


The second mistake that most of the quality advertisers make while running their ad campaign is the managing part. If you do not make any effort to change the ad campaign over time, then the response rate of your customers will become low. It is usually known as Facebook Fatigue, where the same ad is run on a very high frequency. It can result in the reduction of the response rate from the customers.


For stopping this phenomenon from taking place, advertisers can use different Facebook ad templates. It will help them in reducing the chances of repeating the same ads to appear time and again.


Underutilization of the Remarketing ads on Facebook


If you have possessed the website remarketing target audiences and you are not working on sending reminder ads, then you are merely wasting your resources. Reminder ads are very crucial to get a steady response from your client databases.


The simple fact is that the revenue generation will increase when the sales increase. In this regard, you need to apply the remarketing strategy to hold the attention of your existing clients.


For this, you can use invideo tool to activate your campaigns.


Running Facebook ads with long descriptions


Facebook provides a very limited space to sponsor your ads. Try to make your descriptions crisp and short. Besides, these short descriptions will help you to disclose all the facts related to your promotion very clearly.


Moreover, long descriptions lead to incomplete sentences, as Facebook provides limited space for the promotion. Hence, making a short description will prove fruitful to you.


Inappropriate look alike audiences


Appropriate look alike audiences can deliver you better results for your ad campaign. There are two extremes in this case: first is that you may use the wrong look alike audience, or you may not use any look alike audiences at all. In both cases, you are losing your grip over the potential leads.


Besides, lookalike audiences control the traffic and engagements for your website. Thus, you must choose those audiences that suit fit for your ad promotion in your ad campaign.


Not using Advanced Facebook Pixel settings


Not using the advanced Facebook pixel setting may not reflect your ad topic or your message. There are several excellent settings to make use of such pixel settings properly. You may create events or may highlight your web page regarding the service that you are offering. Moreover, if the service page appears blurred or unclear, then it may ruin your effort. Thus, you need to adjust the pixel in the right sequence to make an attractive presentation.


Selecting the wrong objective of an ad campaign on Facebook


The selection of the wrong objective and pushing the cold audiences for sales may ruin your ad campaign goal. Try to be specific in your approach. Also, select the conversion and the optimizing for the leads rather than focusing your attention on clicks, lead ad engagements.


Your basic objective would be to provoke your audience to reach the call to action button of your website. It will allow you to drive more sales for your business. Besides, set your objectives in the right manner to achieve the desired result in a small period.


Hence, from the above discussion, it has become clear that the general mistakes people often commit while running a Facebook ad campaign. Try to focus on your objective and goal in a better way. Keep yourself updated with the changing norms of the Facebook ad campaign. Also, make use of your money and time wisely. Do changes and updates on your ads frequently and be vigilant regarding the response rate of your target customers. Moreover, if you can keep these few but important things in mind carefully, then driving sales is a very easy task.


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