Top 5 Advantages of using a Hiking Watch

Advantage of Hiking Watch

If you are a hiker, you will require keeping track of all fine details during your adventures. This will make your trip more enjoyable, easy and most importantly safe for you. The good news is that technology has made it easy for you by bringing about various hiking watches.So what is the advantage of a hiking watch? Let’s find out;

  • Monitoring atmospheric pressure

A hiking watch will have a barometer feature in it which basically measures atmospheric pressure. The barometer also enables you to identify the air pressure changes that have occurred over the previous hours. This is by showing a tendency graph. Heavy rains occur when there is a drop in atmospheric pressure.

  • Weather prediction

Being able to monitor air pressure comes hand in hand with identifying the trend in weather changes. An increase in air pressure will improve the weather while a rapid drop is likely to cause a storm. In case of the likelihood of a storm, you need to be quick in seeking shelter as heavy storms could lead to fatalities.

  • Identifying your current elevation through a barometric altimeter

An altimeter helps you to know your current elevation as well as determining the altitude attained.

Knowing the elevation you are in is very useful for navigation. It helps you to identify your location by comparing the elevation to contour lines on the map. With this, you get to know you are on which contour line and your location becomes more precise.

  • Measuring bearings and identifying cardinal directions

A compass feature in a hiking watch is very useful for purposes of navigation. With the compass, you can identify each of the four cardinal points. You can also measure bearings so that you are in a position to orient yourself as you plan on your next move.

  • GPS navigation and tracking

With an inbuilt GPS in your watch, you can be able to record activities carried out during your hiking trip. This helps to keep a track of your progress which you can review later. You may also need to refer to the trip in case anyone else needs the information.

Activities to record can include your route during the trip, the duration of time taken as well as distance covered.

For navigation purposes, a hiking watch with a GPS gives you the coordinates of where you are. You can then use those details to navigate using a map and the compass and trace your location.

  • Easy connectivity to your smartphone when it is necessary

Your hiking watch will typically come with a Bluetooth feature in it and in some cases a Wi-Fi feature too. These features allow you to have a connection with your phone at ease.

You can be able to access emails, text messages and other important notifications from your phone on the watch. Wi-Fi allows you to transfer information from the watch to your phone by syncing with web pages in your network.

Final Words

From the information above, it is vivid that a hiking watch comes with varied advantages that are very imperative. Ensure you have it on your wrist for the best hiking experience.

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