How to Delete a Skype Account?

How to Delete a Skype Account?

Delete a skype account has been made much convoluted by Microsoft than it must be. It is understandable that none of the online service gives ads on account deletion setting. Having that said, deleting Skype account permanently is a step-wise process including removal of payment methods, cancelation of subscriptions, unlinking of Microsoft account from Skype and so on. for those who want to enhance their social media accounts, can leave Skype and work on social media actively. But for that you may need to Buy Instagram Followers UK.

Here is a guide about these steps given:

Shutting off Skype account

With regrets, there exists no thing like a magical option which shuts off your Skype account in a single tap.

For shutting off the Skype account, you may need to make contact the Microsoft help service so that they can shut it off for you. following are the main steps which should be carried out for killing the Skype account:

  • Unlinking the Microsoft account with the Skype account
  • Canceling the active subscriptions and requesting for refunds
  • Canceling of Skype number
  • Removing the recurring payments by deactivating auto-renewal feature
  • Updating the mood message
  • Setting the status to invisible or offline
  • Signing out the Skype account from all devices
  • Removing the recognized details personally from the Skype profile

Deleting the Skype account

If you had not signed up for the Skype using the Microsoft account, go straight to step 5. Otherwise, start with step 1.

  1. Log in to the Skype account with the web browser
  2. Go to the account setting. You will find it under the heading of settings and preferences.
  3. Click on the option of Unlink which is present next to the Microsoft account
  4. As the confirmation message is seen, click on the continue for confirming the action. The Skype account must get unlinked from the Microsoft account now.
  5. Now, you need to cancel all the recurring payments or Skype subscriptions. In the account settings of Skype, select the subscriptions which you desire to cancel given in the blue bar present on left.
  6. Click on the cancel subscription for continuing
  7. After then, click on option of “I still want to cancel” for confirming the cancelation.
  8. If you have bought any Skype number where people contact you, you must cancel it too before deleting your account. Click on the Skype number given in section of manage features, and then click on Setting and finally click on cancel Number.
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The subscription for Skype number will remain active until it expires, which is given on the interface. As it is expired, the Microsoft will retain the Skype number within 90 days. This shows that no other person but only you can buy the number during this duration.

Fore renewing the subscription for Skype number, click on the Skype number given in section of Manage features. Click on Skype Number here and then Reactivate Setting present next to the number, which you like to renew. Remember that you can’t apply for refund for the number you once cancelled.

  1. If you utilize the recurring payments for having the Skype credit instantly topped up as your balance falls down, deactivate the feature of Auto-recharge. Go to the section of Account details and click on the Billing and Payments, then click Disable, present under the tab of Auto-recharge right near to the Status of Buy instagram followers.

Although both of them involve the recurring payments, never confuse the auto-recharging of Skype credit with the Skype subscription.

  1. Now, as you have cancelled the Skype subscriptions, removed the recurring payments, contacted the consumer service of Skype, they will shut off your account.

The results of shutting off Skype account

Shutting off the Skype account removes the data which is associated with it permanently, including your chat history, purchases, and Skype contacts. According to Microsoft, it takes 30 days to vanish your name from the directory of Skype as the account closes.

Your name will appear in the contact list of your friends, unless they remove it. But, they won’t be able to make contacts with you.

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Removing Skype profile info

For making it more hard for other people to look for you in directory, remove the personal details from the profile and do other housekeeping actions given following:

  • Change the profile picture: for changing profile picture which recognizes you on the Skype, tap on the My info given on the Skype, click on profile picture and then select the Remove profile picture.

For Skype on the Mac, just click on the icon of camera given on the preview of profile picture and then locate your picture from your browse.

  • Update the status: you must leave a silent status message on the Skype profile for your contacts. This will help the contacts in realizing that you don’t want to use the service any more. For Skype on iOS, go to My info and click on the profile picture while for Skype in Mac, go to update details option.

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