Important traits to look for in new employees

Important traits to look for in new employees

Hiring the right employees is a minefield. Some people interview really well and then turn up to work with a completely different attitude. Other people get too nervous in interviews and fail to sell themselves effectively. So, what should you be looking for in a new employee? Here are some of the most important traits to look out for.

Differentiate themselves from their peers

You should look for an employee that differentiates themself from their peers. That means they have done something to stand out, whether it is a specific skill they can bring to the table or the fact that they have an interesting hobby. If they have done something in the interview that made them stand out, it is almost certainly a good thing. It will probably mean that they can bring fresh ideas to your business.

Have a can-do attitude

You might interview someone with all of the right experience and skills. However, if they do not have a can-do attitude, you might as well throw their CV out the window. A can-do attitude is more important than skills and experience because it will shape how they fit into the role. If they are positive and productive, they will develop into the perfect employee quickly.

Possess the skills to do the job

If you need someone to fit into the role quickly, you should be focusing on their skillset. The more confident they are about their skills, the less training and management they will need. This will save you time and money in upskilling them.

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Provide ideas & examples on how to do the job

One of the best ways to test someone in an interview is to ask them for a specific idea or example they can bring to the position. This tests whether they have researched the company and have thought about the position in more detail. For example, if you are bringing in a new IT manager, they might give you examples of how to outsource parts of the IT team to increase efficiency, such as using a service like outsourceIT. If you are interviewing for an SEO executive, they might provide examples of how to increase traffic to your website.

Have common sense and good critical judgment

Common sense and critical judgment are two things that you should look for in any employee. Some companies ask candidates to perform tests to showcase these traits. However, you can easily test this in an interview situation by asking them what they would do in certain situations.

Are committed to continuous improvement

When hiring a new employee, you should look for someone that wants to upskill and improve. If a candidate is driven, they are more likely to excel in their position. Also, if you can provide the right opportunities for them, they could stay with the company and move into a more senior position.

Have integrity

Integrity is an incredibly important trait when it comes to interviewing candidates. However, it is not something that is easy to test. Instead, you could ask for an example where they have shown integrity in a previous position. You can also learn a lot from their references.

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