Ways to Make Money with Your Mobile App in 2019

Ways to Make Money with Your Mobile App

If you have an old phone that is always giving you trouble when you try to download more apps, then you need to ditch it. Sell your phone and invest in a good smartphone: that has enough storage and a better processor. Well, by now you must very well know other uses for your phone apart from making phone calls, sending messages and taking pictures.

Thanks to digital technology and the Internet of Things, there is so much you can do right on your phone today. Pay bills, order for food, and check your bank transactions and so on. There is one more fantastic thing you can do on your phone: making money of course. Well, it may not be enough to make you a millionaire, but it will certainly help you take care of your electricity bill. How do you make money using your smartphone? If you wanna make money from home, you can also checkout this app geld verdienen.

  1. Watching videos and surfing

You can make money using your smartphone by watching videos. You must be fond of watching videos. How about you go an extra step and find ways in which you can make money while enjoying yourself? Some apps are there to facilitate that. As you watch videos and scroll, you get to earn points which are redeemable through cash or gift cards.

  1.  Shopping

Use the shopping apps available and get some cash. While shopping, you can make points by just swiping through the barcodes. With the information age, online shopping has become a thing. Shopping is almost inevitable. You, therefore, have hundreds of chances of making money: that is, every minute you shop. Depending on the apps, there are directions given on how you can redeem your points.

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There is another way you can make money as you shop: you need to stop ignoring the surveys. Do as many as you can, share your opinion on the specific products and get rewarded for it.

  1. Playing games

Now, this is where it all gets fun. Have you ever imagined the possibility of getting paid to play? It is not every day that you get someone to pay you for doing what you like. Now, this is your chance. Some apps will give you points. For instance getting points for playing spinning games. Spin the wheel, get points and cash out!

  1. Selling items that you no longer use

Thank the developers for creating apps that facilitate you getting rid of stuff you no longer use in a monetizing way. Now that you have a good smartphone, you can easily take pictures of the items and use the apps to display them to people who might be interested in them.

You should be able to grab every chance of making legit money coming your way. The beauty of making money using mobile apps is that it is effortless. Among the apps that you should trust to help you make the extra bucks are:

  1.    Swagbucks

  2.    CashPirate

iii.    Fronta

  1.    iPoll

  2.    Field Agent

  3.    ShopKick

vii.    Streetbees

viii.    Curious Cat

  1.    Citizen me

  2.    Feature Points

  3.    Roamler

xii.    Foap




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