How to Recycle your Computer’s Hard drive { EASIEST TIPS}

Tips to Recycle your Computer’s Hard Drive

Recycle your Computer's Hard drive

Thinking to get rid of your useless computer? But disposing of might not be as simple as you might consider. Your computer including other eWaste carries a hard drive that may hold peculiar, commercial or work-related information. And you won’t be letting that information get in the erroneous hands.

It is essential for anyone getting rid of an old computer to erase their old hard drives and the information they bear. So if you are one of those who are looking for tips to recycle your old computer’s hard drive, then this article is definitely for you. Here you will get complete information to recycle your old hard drive.

Wiping Your Hard Drive

The first step to safely recycle your hard drive is to wipe out the information. The best measure that you can employ to wipe the data is to use computer-wiping software. These pieces of software are easy to use, you just have to install them and follow the prompts. After that, completely destroy your hard drive by drilling holes into it, hammering it, or magnetizing it.

In case you have a Windows PC, get in contact with a Windows-certified refurbisher. They will simply help you in wiping and will even offer to recycle it. Also, you can utilize some of the solutions mentioned here that may help you to ensure your hard drive’s data safety. So let’s explore these solutions.

  • Get a certificate of recycling from the company. And ask them for UPC tracking of recycled material.
  • Request for On-site packaging solutions. So that you can get assured that your data is managed securely and confidentially.
  • Get a certificate of destruction with itemized documentation.
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The first step to recycle your hard drive is to recycle the aluminum used in it. All you have to do is to remove all the sets of screws from the drive. You can simply use a screwdriver to execute this operation. After that, carefully open the drive cover and set it aside, then remove the magnets from the drive. These magnets can be reused so keep them safe.

By pulling the retaining ring remove the data disk. Then, it’s your choice that, if you want to retain it or destroy it. Once you are done with it, remove the drive magnet, then your drive will be completely disassembled. You can then recycle the aluminum. But keep in mind that you don’t discard the other components of the hard drive carelessly. Because they may be toxic to the environment.

Final Words

It’s most salutary to think forward and practice full-disk encryption for all your drives. So that you don’t have to bother, that your data is still available when you are getting rid of it. Securely wiping the drives is an immeasurable idea. And disassembling them and ruining the platters is even better for safety. So if you too are one of those who are seeking such tips to recycle your old computer hard drive. Then implementing the above-mentioned tips may help you in it. Try to utilize these tips in the best way as you can.

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