How you can use AI to revolutionize your digital marketing

How you can use AI to revolutionize your digital marketing

AI is here, and it’s here to stay. As with any new innovation, there are countless urban myths, criticisms, hyperbolic claims and rhetoric surrounding this mysterious digital technology.

The truth is, artificial intelligence has already proven it can be a powerful tool for marketers and is set to alter the advertising landscape forever. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage today:

revolutionize your digital marketing

It knows more about your customers than you do

Perhaps the most useful aspect of AI is how it can find and process huge amounts of customer data. By using software by for example, you can save truckloads of research time, which you can dedicate instead to the quality of the campaign itself. This is a huge advantage. Understanding your market is crucial to any successful marketing campaign, and AI gives you more relevant information than ever before.

Advertising blind is a thing of the past

Due to its understanding of consumer behaviour, you can use AI software to create far more successful advertising.

AI will analyze consumer habits closely, including keyword searches and social media presences to better understand what their problems are and what it is they want. The software will then tell you which people it deems relevant to advertise to, and who to avoid. It’s the stuff of marketing dreams.

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It can interact with your customers for you

By setting up chatbots, you can get your AI software to interact with your customers in real-time. The beauty of this is, because of the sheer amount of information the software has gathered about each prospect, it knows exactly how to speak to different people. Gone are the days of generic auto-responses, now you can tailor your user experience to every person who visits your site.

It can help form your campaign strategies

Using the data your AI software provides, you can form incredibly detailed marketing campaigns.

Driving people towards your products has always been about targeting, and AI provides pin-point accuracy, saving you money on expensive campaigns that are shown to mostly ambivalent consumers. Now you can ensure your brand is only shown to the most interested of prospects, people who are crying out for your products.

The best part is, the data gets honed more and more with every campaign you do. AI learns faster than the nerdiest of students and will incorporate every aspect of previous campaigns into your future marketing. All the mistakes and breakthroughs you made are registered and remembered forever, helping you improve your chances of success every time.

Think about it. Once you know which words and themes each customer best responds to, you can create incredibly personal and powerful campaigns that cater to your customer’s demands far more efficiently.

You could even use it to shape the direction of your products and services, eliminating the usual guesswork involved with the product planning. AI is incredibly powerful, and these are just a few ways you can use it to revolutionize your digital marketing. The sky’s the limit.

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