Best WiFi Security Apps For Android

Nowadays people look for free WiFi more than free food. To get free WiFi, they connect their device to any WiFi network which is available whether it’s secure or not. This is a very risky habit of connecting your device to any wifi. You can get a cyber attack when you are connected to a WiFi. Hackers use many types of hacking software and apps like PLDT WiFi Hacker to attack WiFi networks. You can lose your important and sensitive data if you are under a cyber attack. In this case, there are no chances that you can recover that data which you have lost under this attack.

If you don’t want to get under this attack, we recommend you to install a WiFi security app on your Android device. We are enlisting some best WiFi security apps which you can install.

Best WiFi Security Apps

WiFi Password

If you have multiple devices then its difficult to create a different password for each one of your devices. And you may face difficulties while choosing a complex password which is difficult to guess for a hacker. WiFi Password app is here to save your ass. You can generate random passwords and complex passwords which you can use for your Wi-Fi network. You can also save passwords so you don’t need to remember them.

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WiFi Inspector

You can gain visibility into your Wi-Fi network and see all the connected devices by this app. You can also show IP address and MAC address of connected devices. Also, this app lets you control and manage each device individually. This app is of very little size and does not slow your device’s performance.

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WiFi Inspector Pro

If you want to prevent your WiFi from your tech-savvy neighborhoods then you must install this app on your Android device. It protects your device from all kinds of Address Resolution Protocol related attacks such as Denial-of-Service or Man-in-the-middle attacks. If anyone tries to attack your device then this app immediately blocks your device so that your data remain safe and protected.

WiFi Spy

WiFi Spy app is available for free of cost on playstore. You can detect spies, search for intruders in your wifi and internet connection. You can also use this app to prevent and detect spies and intruders.

WiFi Pass Audit

This app lets you get the key to your own wifi or other networks that are not your property with the consent of the owner. You can get the password of the default routers with the types of networks that all display below.


These are the best apps which can save your device when you are connected to any WiFi network. You can protect your data by using these apps on your Android device.


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