10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Having a Mobile App

10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Having a Mobile App

If you have a smartphone of some sort, whether it be an iPhone, Android, or another smartphone on the market, you have apps…

Maybe 10 apps, maybe 30, or maybe even closer to 50 depending on the storage of your phone.

Between your text messaging app, your weather app, your mobile banking app, your game apps, and whatever else it is that you need on a regular basis, these apps make your life that much easier.

Furthermore, you have probably used at least one of these apps to do something like:

  • Request a ride from an Uber or Lyft
  • Order a pizza through your favorite pizza company
  • Search for the cheapest flight tickets using your favorite travel app
  • Searched for a recipe or new hairstyle using Pinterest
  • Request a new card from one of your credit card manufacturers

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Why is an app good for businesses?

The ease of searching using apps makes them a great marketing tool…

And, with an increase in the selection of apps, data has shown that consumers are shifting more toward apps and less toward browser share.

With a clear picture of what you want your app to look like and the right planning, you can simply pop your app right into existence – in some cases, even having it up and running in just a matter of days.

The main routes you should focus on when aiming to achieve a highly functional mobile app are:

  • Consumer engagement
  • Support and service
  • Promotion
  • Online sales
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You can choose to use any or all of the routes listed above.

Are you still wondering in what exact ways can your business benefit from having a mobile app?

Here’s how:

    1. It makes your marketing more direct.Thanks to mobile apps, a lot of information about your business can be brought directly to the consumer. By using promotions, special rates, news feeds, and product specifications you can provide them with just enough compelling evidence to follow through with your CTA (call to action).Plus, you can use demographics and geographical locations to specifically target certain audiences.
    2. It increases your visibility to clients – at all times.The average person in the U.S. spends over two hours on their mobile phone each day. And, globally there are more than a billion smartphones in the hands of consumers. Therefore, people are spending less time on computers and less time browsing the internet…So, by adjusting your marketing plan toward this shit customers are more likely to pay attention to your company, frequently.
    3. It increases customer loyalty.There is already so much advertising out there, you run the risk of just getting lost amongst all the noise.Take a step back and rethink your marketing strategy – by offering consumers access to your products at the touch of a button, don’t you think they are more likely to come back time and time again?

    1. It helps build brand recognition.Instead of putting your ad on an expensive billboard, put it into your app. This enhances your recognition, after all, people do spend the majority of their time on their phones.Also, find ways to regularly get your consumers involved with your app. The more they interact with it, the more likely they are to make purchases.
    2. It will help you stand out from the crowd.Take advantage of this tool while it is still fairly rare. Not all companies have decided to make the jump yet, but you still can.
    3. You can turn your app into a social platform.One of the best marketing tactics is word-of-mouth. By turning your app into a social platform, people can see what their friends are looking at and saying about stuff.Incorporate things like the ability to like and comment on purchases – people can keep up with their friends while they shop.
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  1. It increases customer engagement.A mobile app gives customers easy access to a help desk or forum for questions, a quick way to check on the status of their order and a convenient way to scroll through your latest products at the touch of a button.
  2. You can use it to complement your website.Your website is the perfect place to promote your app…A website is great to post content such as copy and videos to, however, the app can be great for communication such as notification of sales you have going on.
  3. It allows you to provide your customers with added value.Do you have a loyalty program in place for your business? No?Well, then a mobile app is the perfect opportunity for you.Consumers can move the traditional reward collecting to their phones, which is much easier and more convenient for them, therefore, encouraging them to do it.

    Customers are also highly interested in the value of products and services – use your app to encourage them to visit your store or purchase your product.

  4. The bottom line – most people are on mobile.What it really boils down to is just staying current with the market…It will always benefit your company to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and right now it is mobile apps.People spend the majority of their time there and enjoy the ease of using them, therefore they are much more likely to go for a store that has a mobile app.

Now, get out there and start developing! You should start updating your marketing strategy, today.

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