How to Personalize Your Laptop: 5 Steps

You may work on your laptop all day, every day, and would love to have it more personalized. But you’re not sure where to start.

Never fear. I have plenty of suggestions on how you can have a functional, trendy, and stylish laptop.

If you’ve been yearning to customize your laptop, try these tips. Pretty soon, what you envisioned will come to life!

1. Upgrade Your Laptop

Is your laptop a dinosaur? If it’s getting old, it may be time to upgrade your computer. You may have been putting it off because they’re expensive. But if your laptop is on its last leg, it’d be wise to get a new one.

You don’t want to be stuck without one should your existing one decide to give out. Besides, having a new and improved laptop will help you become more productive.

You may want to consider getting a refurbished computer to save some money. Or, if there’s a techy person in your family, get a used laptop that you can install software and add all the essentials.

2. Change Your Theme

On the laptop itself, you may want to change your themes once in a while.

For example, on Windows 10, you can change your background and screen images. You can even create a folder with all your favorite photos. Then, have a slideshow playing while your computer is sleeping with the pictures. It’ll undoubtedly make you smile!

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For an edgier feel, you may want to put your laptop in dark mode. The dark mode is exactly that — dark. If you decide to go back to a light mode, it’s easy to switch back depending on your mood.

Of course, when time allows, sometimes it’s ideal to organize what’s on your computer. Having folders for everything makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Otherwise, it’s a big waste of your time trying to remember where specific files are.

3. Get a Laptop Skin

Have you heard of a laptop skin? If you haven’t, it’s yet another way to personalize your laptop.

Laptop skins are typically made out of vinyl and cover the outside of your laptop. Not only are they stylish, but they add a protective layer to your computer.

Whether you’d like your logo on a skin or have a particular pattern in mind, you can’t do without a laptop skin. After putting it on your personal computer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so earlier!

Choose from a variety of laptop skins and swap yours out from time to time if you’d like. A removable skin allows you to change it if you grow tired of having the same design. So, when shopping for a laptop skin, make sure it says it’s removable, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with it!

4. Pick Out a Trendy Mouse and Mouse Pad

You may want a mouse and mouse pad in addition to your touchpad. After a while, a touchpad may not work as well. When that happens, it’s hard to get your work done!

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So, not only is getting a mouse and mouse pad practical. But you can use these accessories to make your computer distinctive as well.

Go all out with a turquoise mouse and matching mouse pad. There are all sorts of mouse pads you can buy. For example, you could get a personalized image mouse pad with a picture of your dog on it. Or, go with a trendy pattern like polka dots. Combined with your portable computer, it’ll be picture perfect!

5. Place it On a Stylish Desk

To further jazz up your laptop, make sure it’s on a desk that’s pleasing to the eyes. Luckily a laptop looks great on any desk. But to increase the wow factor, get a trendy desk that’ll complement the rest of your office space.

There are adjustable bamboo desks, secretarial desks, and modern white writing desks. And these are just a few kinds of desks to consider! Whichever one you go with, keep the rest of your decor in mind.

An attractive desk combined with your laptop and other accessories will look amazing!


Do you have plenty of ideas for how to give a personal touch to your laptop now? Then, with these thoughts in mind, it’s time to go shopping and make some changes.

Get a mouse and mouse pad that goes well with your personality. And, look for a skin that gets you excited. You may decide on one that has your favorite team’s mascot on it!

However you decide to jazz up your laptop, remember that nothing is permanent. Change things as you see fit, and you’ll never get bored!

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