How to Improve Your Website’s Product Page

The product page is one of the most important pages on your site, as it is where a customer will make the final decision of if they are going to make a purchase or leave your store. Despite its influence over the purchasing decision, the product page is one of the most frequently neglected aspects of the conversion funnel. If you have been struggling to finalize conversions, then you should be looking to improve your website’s product page.

Use High-Quality Product Photos

Product photos are one of the most important factors on your website’s product page. As a customer is unable to touch, inspect and interact with your products in person, you need high-quality product photographs.

High-quality product photographs mean having well-lit, high-quality images. You should try to maintain consistency in your backgrounds, using a plain white or light-colored background to move the focus exclusively onto the product.

Your photographs should be product-specific, which means that if you are selling a beauty product, you show the image of the product in the bottle, a close-up of the product’s custom label, and an example of the product in use.

Studies have found that the majority of customers prefer to see a product from multiple angles, so make sure that you offer a wide selection of high-quality product photographs.

Optimize for Mobile

All of the pages on your business website should be optimized for mobile since over half of all internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Optimizing your product pages for mobile and using responsive website design will ensure that you are not inadvertently driving away 50% of your potential customers.

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Created Detailed Product Content

It is not enough to simply show consumers images of tour products and expect them to make the purchase; you will also need to include written content on your product pages. You should try to be as detailed as possible when creating written content for product pages. You should include:

  • The price
  • Product title
  • Important features and components
  • Care information
  • Sizing and dimensions
  • Materials used
  • Sustainable practices used (if relevant)

Not only will provide a detailed description of your products help to inform customers purchasing decisions, but it can also be a useful SEO exercise, increasing your potential keyword usage.

Include Reviews

If your product page does not host customer reviews, then you are limiting your sales potential. Studies have found that the majority of online shoppers will consult a review section before making a purchase. This is because consumers view customer reviews as one of the most reliable indicators of a product’s quality and long-term value. You should include a review section on all of your pages to encourage purchases.

If you have not ever had a review section, then you might want to encourage customers to post their thoughts. To do this, you should start following up with customers once their purchase has been delivered and they have had time to form an option. Reminding customers and making reviewing easy will help you to build up your reviews more quickly.


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