3 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

Traditional marketing methods still work for certain B2B businesses and should not be neglected. However, if you only rely on referrals and cold calling to get clients, you’ll eventually be left behind. On the other hand, some could benefit from going back to the basics. B2B marketing also can’t simply rely on an outbound approach where you actively pursue your prospects. Let’s take a look at some essential B2B marketing strategies you need to know.


PPC refers to pay-per-click marketing and is one of the most powerful ways to market your business online. The principle behind it is easy. You can bid on specific terms you expect your customers to search for in exchange for visibility in the ad section on search engines and websites displaying Google ads. The more you pay, the higher your ad will be in the results.

The beauty of PPC is that it is one of the only online marketing methods that can give you direct and highly measurable results. You can use this as a tool to generate leads for your services either through your website or by using phone extensions on your ads. You only pay for clicks generated too, not impressions.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still a very powerful way to reach B2B customers. You could go to a site like leadlists.com.au/b2b-data/ and get a list of businesses in your area based on their sector, number of employees, revenue, and more. This could be a great option for businesses offering tech-oriented service to a less savvy crowd.

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The mistake many make is concentrating too much on their online efforts when their core audience might prefer doing things traditionally. So, you might be invisible to a large portion of your potential prospects by only doing online marketing. Throw a little bit more print marketing into your mix and be consistent as it can sometimes take many mailings before you catch a prospect’s attention.

B2B Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing/SEO

Content marketing is probably the most powerful way to attract prospects for B2B businesses. These clients are looking for expertise first and foremost, and there’s no better way to show it than through powerful content. A lead that came from reading one of your pieces will also be much more dedicated and have trust in you as a result. If you can follow up, they’re more than likely to consider your services and give you a try.

SEO goes hand in hand with content marketing. However, you also have to make sure that you’re mindful of brand mentions and on-page factors. Your website has to be as fast as possible and be highly relevant to your audience to keep engagement high. Local mentions also play an important role and you need a mix of linked and unlinked mentions for a diverse link profile. Consistency is also key with SEO, and you need to constantly update your site while being mindful of the most recent changes and developments in algorithms and the industry in general.


These are all very powerful marketing methods that you can use to reach B2B prospects. We suggest you integrate them all into your strategy and use them in conjunction with each other when possible.

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