Looking for the best operating systems that are widely used by many hackers? Nowadays hacking has become a common event all around the globe in internet life and it is done by professional hackers.   Here are the top 10 + operating systems that you need to know about if you want to be a hacker or you already are in this modern era 2018.

The term hacker often gets a bad rep by the way they are portrayed in the media. While the stereotype may be true, hacking is more of a subculture for people who love the challenge of overcoming the restrictions or manipulating the vulnerabilities of systems.

Some believe that you can use a burner laptop to limit your trace while some believe using a gaming PC is the most efficient. If you’re curious, here are some of the best-operating systems hackers use in 2018:


  • Kali Linux


It is one of the most widely known operating system that is used by hackers for their work. It provides full security and privacy from the vulnerableness which is present in other different operating systems. Also Kali Linux is one of the most trusted operating system presently and can be operated in most of the ARM devices such as Raspberry Pi.


  • Pentoo


This is an amazing operating system that is in the form compact disc (CD). There is no need to install this operating system rather you have to just make a bootable USB of Pentoo and just start running the OS on your PC and can do many hacking stuff with it. It is available in both the versions, 34-bit and 64-bit.

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  • Network Security Toolkit


This is another CD based operating system and also one of the best operating system that can be easily and directly used in our computers and is fully able to perform many tasks within it that can be availed by a web interface known as NST WUI.


  • DEFT


DEFT is a short form of Digital Evidence of Forensic Toolkit. It is another version or rather an improvised version of Linux or customization of Ubuntu. It is commonly used by Police, investigators etc. and can also be used by people who want to hack.


  • Blackbuntu


As the name suggests, it also a version of Ubuntu mainly used to teach students learning cyber security courses. Also this operating system includes several features like network mapping, information gathering, maintaining access, radio network analysis etc.


  • Cyborg Hawk


Cyborg Hawk, it is actually the most powerful and advanced operating system for hackers. It is a perfect OS for advanced ethical hacking and penetration. It is widely used by pro ethical hacker’s world wide as it contains tons of tools that are extremely helpful to the hackers. Undoubtedly this is the best OS currently.



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