Where to Find Inspiration for Your Brand Emails in 2019

Where to Find Inspiration for Your Brand Emails

When it comes to getting results from your brand’s marketing emails, it’s all about standing out from the crowd and making a mark in your industry. If your emails are interesting and engaging to the readers, they are going to click through to see more of what you’re all about – and hopefully turn into conversions, boosting your sales and profits. But email marketing is so widely used today that ensuring your business’ marketing emails stand out in a very large crowd can be a daunting task. First things first – where do you find the inspiration to come up with emails that don’t blend in with everyone else’s and actually make your readers stand up and take notice? Here are some ideas that you might like.

#1. Your Own Inbox:

Chances are that you’ve received a marketing email or two recently. Whether you’ve opened them or not, it’s a good idea to look in your own inbox and have a look at what the brands you follow are up to when it comes to marketing emails. Which email designs and layouts stand out to you the most? Are there any that really make you want to click through to the brand’s website and have a further look at what they are offering? Take note of these designs but keep your eye out for the ones that you really don’t like as well – these can help you know what to avoid.

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#2. Online:

When it comes to getting inspiration for pretty much anything, the internet is your best friend. And, the same is true for marketing emails; there are so many different websites and blogs on the topic where you can find email examples, ideas, and much more to get inspired by. You can check out SendinBlue for a list of some great email newsletter examples from other brands, which can be really good design inspiration and a great way to get started if you are not sure where to begin when putting your email together.

#3. Ask Your Audience:

What better people to ask than the readers themselves? After all, these are the people who are going to be receiving your emails in the end, so it’s a wise idea to check in with them about the designs that they enjoy the most and learn more about what is going to stand out to them more than others. Social media is a great way to do this; you could ask followers on your brand’s Twitter or Facebook profile to describe marketing emails that they actually enjoyed or grab a few design ideas and create a poll to see which design goes down the best for your audience.

If you’re staring at a blank page on your email editor and aren’t sure where to get started, a little bit of design inspiration can go a long way. And, it’s not difficult to find – check out blogs and websites, your own inbox, and ask your audience for their own opinions to help you form a clearer picture of where your email design is going.

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