Best Vlogging Cameras for 2018

Best Vlogging cameras for 2018

When getting into the world of VLOGGING, it is important to have the tools and experience to stand out from the rest. While enthusiasm and excitement will only get you so far, a vlogger’s true friend is his – CAMERA. There are a number of vlogging cameras out there that do a decent job, but decent isn’t what you’re after. These $400 cameras bring the kind of professionalism every vlogger looks for. We present you the best vlogging cameras for 2018.

Vlogging Cameras:

1. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS50

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS50 is a great camera for vlogging and looks absolutely stunning. It packs in some of the most advanced features seen on a digital camera including a brilliant zoom lens from Leica.

• 12.1 MP MOS High Sensitivity sensor

• Leica DC Vario-Elmar 30x zoom lens

• 3-inch LCD screen

• 0.2-inch Viewfinder

• Full HD 1080p Video Recording

• Optical Image Stabilization

• Wi-Fi


• Stunning Looks

• Powerful Performance

• Long Lasting Battery

• RAW Image Format


• Poor Lowlight Shooting

• Icons Wear Off Easily

• Focus Issues

When it comes to shooting crystal clear images and videos in daylight, the LUMIX DMC-ZS50 stands out. It is absolutely great to look at and performs just as well.

For all those users who believe that “on-the-go” is the way to live, the Lumix DMC-ZS50’s Wi-Fi support allows users to transfer their captured images and videos easily.

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At a price of just $349, this camera is a great addition to a vloggers arsenal. It is available on Amazon, BestBuy, and other retail outlets (online and offline).

2. Olympus E-PL7

Olympus is one of the oldest camera manufacturers in the market, but the E-PL7 is by no means outdated. It is a state-of-the-art device that comes with features such as multiple autofocus options and an interchangeable lens.

• 16 MP CMOS Sensor

• Lithium Ion Battery

• 3-inch LCD Display

• Exposure Control

• Expandable Memory

• HDMI Port

• 0.79 Pounds

• Interchangeable Lens

• FHD and HD Video Recording


• Professional Quality Images and Video

• Durable Composite Material

• Remote Control Support

• Self-Timer


• Not Water Resistant

• No GPS

• No Viewfinder

• No Included SD Card

If professional photography is what you want for your vlogging career, the Olympus E-PL7 is the perfect device for you. Images turn out crisp and clear, while videos are smooth.

The E-PL7’s biggest selling point would probably be its interchangeable lens options that let’s even the novice shooter capture amazing pictures.

At $349, Olympus’ E-PL7 is more than worth it. It is available on most leading online stores as well as physical electronic goods outlets.

3. Canon VIXIA HF R72

Although considered as a camcorder and not a camera, the Canon VIXIA HF R72 is a great asset for all vloggers. It captures stunning photos and videos with its more than capable specifications.

• 3.28 MP FHD CMOS Sensor

• 57x Advanced Zoom

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• SuerRange OIS

• Full HD 1080p Video Recording

• 32GB Internal Storage with Expandable Memory

• Wi-Fi and NFC

• 3.0-inch LCD Touchscreen Panel


• Excellent Video Recording

• Expandable Storage

• Great Battery Life

• Wireless Transfers

• Baby Mode


• Connectivity Issues

• Poor Customer Support

Holding the Canon VIXIA HF R72 makes any vlogger feel like a movie director, but it also delivers absolutely top quality imaging and video recording.

The ability to transfer photos and videos instantly through an SD card is what makes the device so great. It saves both time and memory on the device.

While most people would think that the VIXIA HF R72 would cost a fortune, a price tag of $329 would be a pleasant surprise. It can be purchased at any online store such as Amazon, BestBuy, and more.

4. Canon VIXIA Mini X

Innovation is what Canon excels in and the VIXIA Mini X is one of the most innovative looking vlogging camera available. But looks are not its only strong suit – it packs more than capable features as well.

• 12.8 MP CMOS High Sensitivity Sensor

• 1x Optical Zoom

• Lithium Ion Battery

• Canon DIGIC DV 4 Processor

• Canon f/2.8 Fisheye Lens

• Full HD Video Recording

• Expandable Memory

• Built-In Microphone

• Image Stabilization

• LCD Display


• Unique Design

• Stunning Photo and Video Quality

• Bright Display

• Long Battery Life

• Lightweight and Compact


• No Zoom on Fisheye Lens

• Poor Lowlight Quality

If you are looking to stand out in a crowd, the Canon VIXIA Mini X is the camera for you. Apart from bringing ingenuity in design, it packs a punch with quality results.

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With built-in Wi-Fi support, the Canon VIXIA Mini X allows users to transfer all their videos and photos to other devices wirelessly.

Priced at $489, the Canon VIXIA Mini X is a useful device for any vlogger who is looking to take their career to the next level and is available at various online retail stores as well as physical departments.

5. Panasonic HC-W580

Panasonic has already built a name for themselves in the camera department and for vloggers, the HC-W580 camcorder is a “must-have” as it brings unmatched features.

• CMOS Sensor

• Full HD Video Recording at 1080p

• 90x Zoom

• 5-Axis Hybrid OIS

• Wi-Fi and NFC Compatible

• Picture-in-Picture Mode with Dual Camera

• HDR Mode

• Lithium Ion Battery

• Expandable Memory

• LCD Display

• 3-inch LCD Display


• Lightweight and Compact

• User Friendly

• Sharp Video Recording

• Quick Wireless Transfers


• Noise in Video Recording

• Poor Battery Life

• Bad Lowlight Imagery

If vlogging is your career or your pastime, the Panasonic HC-W580 is a great choice. It records great videos and photos in any surroundings.

The HDR mode on the device is excellent, especially in proper lighting conditions and results in crisp, clear, and bright images and videos.

With a price tag of $339, the HC-W580 is one of the best vlogging cameras in the market. It can be purchased from Amazon, BestBuy, and other brick and mortar outlets.

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