Top 10 best Windows 10 Skins To Improve Your Windows Look

As a Microsoft Windows User, you might be bored by looking at the same desktop theme and looking ahead to make some changes. If this the case with you, then we are here to help you out. We have handpicked some of the best Windows 10 skins which you can use to customize your Windows 10 desktop.

However, before we go ahead and start mentioning some of the top Windows 10 skins. Let us mention the difference between Windows theme and Windows Skin.

Well, when it comes Windows’s inbuilt customize settings, we usually call it as Windows themes. However, if you are using some third party application to customize the look of Windows, then we call it Skin.

A Windows Theme or Skin is a collection of different modifications that change the Windows looks. By applying a theme, you will be able to change the Windows icon, desktop background, mouse cursor and so on. Hence, as a result, you get a fresh look for your Windows desktop.

Now let’s just check out some of the best Windows 10 skins.

Top 10 Windows 10 Skins That Changes Your Windows Appearance Completely:

Mac OS X El Capitan:

As you can assume by reading the skin name, Well the Mac OS X El Capitan offers a similar look as the Apple’s OS X. With the help of the app, you will be able to change your Windows desktop appearance completely and make it look like Mac OS X in your Windows 10. Even it is one of the top Windows 10 Skins that you can try on your Windows Desktop. The skin comes with two versions, one of them is the free one which contains ads, and the other one holds a price tag.

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Ubuntu SkinPack:

best windows 10 skins

If you want to get a feel of Ubuntu’s user interface. Then Ubuntu SkinPack is for you. It is one of the light skin that you can install on your Windows 7, 8 and 10 desktop. It also comes with a bunch of customization such as keyboard shortcuts, desktop colour and so. Also downloading and installing the skin is quite easy. Just download and run the installer and you will be good to go. Also, the skin is completely free to use.


Silk is one of the most beautiful Windows 10 skins that you can try out. The theme completely changes the Windows theme and offers an attractive notebook. It allows you to customize its colours and many other settings. However, the skin does not completely change the appearance of your Windows desktop. Instead, the skin makes it look more attractive. You can even install the Skin on your Windows 7 and 8 computer plus it is free.

Stardock Start10:

Stardock Start10 offers a nice and clean user interface. The skin is simple and looks attractive. The best thing about the skin is that, it converts the Windows 10 start menu to Windows 7 start menu. Also, there are quite a lot customization options are available for the Windows desktop. Also, you can download the theme for free. So make sure you are checking it out.


StartIsBack or Start Is Back Windows skin offers a decent appearance. However, this skin does not completely change the Windows 10 appearance. Instead, there are a couple of tweaks that can be applied. For example, you can change the start menu logo. However, the main feature of the skin is that it has the same start menu as Windows 7. This allows you to get the Windows 7 user experience on your Windows 10 computer. The skin also reduces the OS usage, and you can show live badges for modern apps. Also, it is available for free.

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Flattastic is light weight and a simple skin for Windows 10. The Windows 10 skin has total 16 versions, and 8 of the Windows 10 skins are light ones. Where other 8 Windows 10 skins are the Flattastic dark. However, the theme does not offer many customizations. Instead, it changes the complete look and trust us on this the skin looks quite classy. Also, it can be downloaded and installed for free. So make sure you are checking out the Windows 10 skin.

Diversityx VS:

Diversityx VS is one of the best yet free Windows 10 skins that can be found online. The Windows 10 skin offers a classic look to your Windows machine. The skin is dark and has a coll glassy transparent interface. This makes the theme a really cool one. Also, the theme is loved by users who mainly works at night. So make sure you are checking out the theme.

Oxford Theme:

Oxford Theme is one of the top Windows 10 skins that you can download. The best thing about this Windows 10 skin is that it is extremely lightweight and looks decent. Plus there are quite a lot of customization options are available, which makes you fall in love with the skin. So make sure you are checking out this Windows 10 skin as well. And yes, the theme is a free one.

Penumbra 10:

If you are in search of a dark Windows 10 skin. Then you should try out the Penumbra 10. The Penumbra 10 is one of the best Windows 10 skins that you can find on the internet. The skin looks really coll and comes with quite a lot of customization options. Also, it is free to use, so do not forget to give this skin a try.

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Ades Theme:

In the end, we have the Ades Theme. The theme looks quite cool, but it does not change the Windows 10 appearance entirely. Instead, you will be able to make changes in colors, icon and so on. So do not forget to check this best Windows 10 theme as well.

So that was all for the Windows 10 skins. Now go ahead and check the themes out and see which one is working the best for you. Plus if you have any questions, then do not forget to comment below.

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