How to Install Kodi on Samsung Smart Tv in 2018

Wondering how to install Kodi on Samsung smart tv? Well if the answer is yes then read on.

Smart TVs are pretty common nowadays. Back in the days, TVs were only meant for displaying TV channels. But as Internet blew up, smart TVs can now be used in many ways. Especially if you are someone who craves for entertaining content, then you already know there are a hell lot of options. Like you have Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu.

But in case if you are someone who is looking for free stuff, then Kodi is one of the best streaming apps available out there. It is an open source project which is specially made for the smart TVs. Kodi previously used to know as the XBMC, and it offers you a hell lot of movies, videos, songs, images which will definitely entertain you.

Hence just to help you out, we will be answering the question that says Kodi on Samsung smart tv. But before we do so, let us talk about why Kodi is one of the best options available out there. This way, you will be understanding about the whole topic in a better way.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

kodi on samsung smart tv

Why to use Kodi On Samsung Smart TV?

Well one of the many reasons why you should install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV is that Kodi is extremely easy to use. Plus since is it an open source media application. Hence, as a result, you do not have to pay for it. Where most of the streaming platforms charge you a hell lot of bucks each month.

To make your experience with Kodi, even more, better, it has lots of Kodi add-ons base. These add-ons will enhance your user experience as you start using them. It comes with thousands of official add-ons which you can install by following some of the simple steps. Even there are so many unofficial add-ons also available from third party developers.

Apart from the add-ons, Kodi is also capable of organizing your local media files and offers you enhanced user experience. It can also fetch contents from your local computer and store it on your smart tv. This helps you in organizing your media files and allows you to access them quicker than you can even imagine.

However, the other part of the story is that there is no such Kodi app made for the Smart TVs that you can download from Google Play Store and install it without any hassle. But since smart TVs are running on Android OS, so it is not way too complicated to install Kodi on Samsung smart tv. But do let us mention the fact that the installing process is way too complicated.

Anyway, you can follow these steps to install Kodi on Samsung smart tv:

How to install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV?

Before we go ahead and start mentioning the steps. Let us mention that each smart tv comes with a different Kodi installation process. This means whatever we are going to mention over here may or may not work for you.

But what we will try is to give you enough information to get along with it. So you do not have to struggle while installing Kodi on your Smart Tv. Anyway, follow these steps to download Kodi:

Step 1: At first launch your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 2: From your smart TV dashboard go to the Google Play Store.

Step 3: From here you have to search for Kodi.

Step 4: In the end simply download and install Kodi on your smart TV, and you are all done.

So these are the steps you have to follow if you have Google Play Store installed on your Smart TV. But just in case if your smartphone does not have Google Play Store installed, then you have to sideload the app.

But before we go ahead and talk about how to sideload apps on your Samsung TV. You need to make sure that it supports installation of apps from unknown sources. For this you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: First of all go to your Smart TV’s settings menu.

Step 2: Go to the security menu. (Different TVs will have a different name. So do not forget to check every option out there).

Step 3: In the end simply allow the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option and you are good to go.

Now that you have done that use these below mentioned steps to sideload Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Sideload Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Step 1: First of all visit

Step 2: After that, you have to download the Kodi Android app. Simply scroll down to the end of the page then simply choose Android and then a dialog box will open.

From here you have to download the preferred version depending on your Smart TV. You can find the details under your TV’s manual or on Manufacturer website.

In case if you do not find any details, then we would suggest you to download the ARM V7 (32 bits) version. Once you click on that, a .apk file will get downloaded on your computer.

Step 3: Now use a flash drive and copy the downloaded file and move it to your smart tv. Or you can use a USB cable to do the same. In fact, there are multiple ways.

Step 4: After that, you have to follow all the screen instructions to install Kodi on your Samsung smart tv, and you are all done.

So these are the steps that you have to follow to sideload on your smart tv. But what if your tv does not run Android? Is there any way to install Kodi on it?

The straightforward answer would be a NO. But wait, we are not saying that it is impossible. In fact, it is possible the process is a little longer plus you have to purchase an additional TV box that supports Kodi.

One of such devices is the Amazon FireStick, Nvidia Shield and so on. These devices easily get along with your existing TV. Just make sure your TV has an HDMI port, and you have a reliable internet connection. If you have both of these, then you can easily connect it to your TV. After that, you can follow the above mentioned steps to install Kodi on Samsung Tv pretty easily.

Summing Up:

So that was all for the how to install Kodi on Samsung smart tv article. However, if you are really going to use Kodi, we would advise you to use a VPN application for it. It protects your privacy on the web. As well as it does not let your ISP know about your online activities.

Since often ISP lower down internet connection speed if they suspect that the user is violating the terms and conditions. But when you are on a VPN network, it becomes impossible for them to track you down. As a result, you get to experience an uninterrupted internet connection. Also, there are many Kodi networks are restricted in some specific countries. And the best way to access those networks is to use a VPN>

Furthermore, Virtual Private Networks or VPN will protect your privacy by encrypting all your internet data. Hence as a result it will be impossible for third party organizations to trace you down on the web. Even a VPN plan does not cost must. It costs less than $20 or less than that each month.

Anyway, if you have any questions related to Kodi on Samsung smart tv. Then do not forget to leave a comment below and we will surely help you out with your query.

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