Bitdefender BOX 2 – All In One Security Hardware

Bitdefender BOX 2 – All In One Security Hardware

Bitdefender is a hugely popular antivirus company that stepped into a new direction by providing hardware solutions to the Internet users across various devices. For people who are interested in smart home security systems, the company had decided to launch a new product, which can help the consumers in making their home much more secure than ever before. Well, the company has upgraded their security hardware with a new product and the successor edition, named Bitdefender BOX 2.

What’s new in the Bitdefender BOX 2?

The new Bitdefender BOX 2 is built with new security features. The new edition is now enhanced with Parental Control. This lets parents control their kids’ online experience while they explore various websites or social networking websites. The new feature says no to cyberbullying and Internet threats.

Besides this, the new security feature blocks down potentially harmful content which is available on the websites. It also keeps such persons away from getting or stealing your personal information. It also protects your kids from receiving suspicious calls. As a parent, you can give access to the desired apps only.

Moreover, you can set a time limit for your kids to access websites or the Internet. Once the limit is over, your child will be disconnected from the Internet automatically. This feature limits the hours of accessibility of the Internet for the Kids who are using the Internet for learning new things or doing various activities. Let’s check out some of the very useful features of this new generation Box 2.

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Bitdefender Box 2: Key Features

  • Easy Setup and installation with proper instructions
  • Connects easily with almost all types of routers
  • Two separate ports for LAN and WAN networks
  • View a list of connected devices to the Internet Router from your Screen
  • User can apply security rules to the connected devices at once
  • Check an overview of the network regularly
  • Easy customization of different options
  • Creates personal profiles easily
  • Various security options such as Parental Control, Device Management etc.

What’s in the box?

Bitdefender has redesigned the concept of its security hardware and manufactured the Bitdefender BOX 2 with a new bold and big design. Compared to its predecessor, the new BOX is little bigger. It provides complete home network security to keep your smart devices secured while connected to the network.

The Bitdefender BOX 2 is designed with simplicity and does not look exactly like the first edition. It is designed with white glossy plastic, which looks nice and sleek. To make it look even more attractive, the hardware has black plates on it. At the back, there is a black inset panel. The panel contains all the connectivity ports which you can easily see.

On the front, there is a white color panel. The built quality of the Bitdefender BOX 2 is not that impressive; however, it does look adorable and handy.

The box contains the hardware unit with an ethernet cable. It also contains an AC Adapter which helps the user to connect the Unit with the power source.

For easy configurations, there is an app available for both, Android and iOS users. You can easily configure the Bitdefender Box 2 using either an Android or an iOS device with proper Internet connectivity.

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The BOX is redesigned with new LED ring which you can see on the front side. This is also an indication light which lets you know about the functionality of the router. It also lets you know the current status of the tool.

The Design:

The new Bitdefender BOX 2 has an upright design, which makes it look even more beautiful. This shape and design lets the air pass through the system easily. The device has small grills around which makes it easier for the users to hold the device.

The device is powered by a Dual Core Cortex A9 1.2 GHz processor. Besides this, the BOX also contains 4GB of storage space. There is 1GB of RAM available, which lets the hardware works efficiently.

The new Bitdefender BOX 2 supports dual-band wireless 5 Ghz and 2.4 GHz bands with MU-MIMO. It can be configured with three antennae. It also supports for IEEE 802.11 a/b/ac/g/n Wave-2.

If we talk about the Power Source, the BOX 2 requires a single AC Jack. The new device has two different ports I.e. WAN and LAN ports.

Installation of Bitdefender BOX 2

Installing the Bitdefender Box 2 is pretty easy and the software allows the users to go through their activation process. The BOX comes with an easy application which can be used on your smartphone or any other smart devices.

Since it’s a new generation router, you need to disconnect the existing router from its connectivity. After this, you need to set a new password and go through the installation process. You need to connect your smart devices one by one to the new router and that’s how you can setup the entire home.

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Once the user has powered on the router, it will create a new Wi-Fi network automatically. Additionally, the same will connect the users to this network for a limited period of time. After this, he has to plug in this device to the existing router. You can use an ethernet cable to do so. You also have a complete IoT Scanner which scans the network and connected devices properly. It also sends regular notifications regarding Internet attacks and viruses.

Now, you have to follow some tedious installation steps to finish the installation of the Router. Since you have used the same router to connect the new Box 2, the process becomes easier for you. You just need to follow the guidelines displayed on the screen and it is connected.


  • User-friendly design
  • Monitors your Internet Traffic
  • Provides Security Alerts
  • Easy to use app
  • Doesn’t affect your smart devices performance

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