How to choose a projector in 2018

 How to choose a projector

A projector is an important tool used in schools, colleges, business meetings, conference halls and in much more other places where the demand to explain particular things is high. Any buyer planning to purchase the projector for his/her needs have to look at the use of the projector for his field, types of projector available in the current day market and the audience size they are going to which they are going to show the images and slides using the purchased projector. Two types of projectors which normally most of the people like to buy are Liquid Crystal Display projector and Digital Light Processing projectors. Here we bring you some points for you to take a look at before purchasing a new short throw projector for your future use.

Check the brightness of the Projector:

The brightness level of the Projector is measured in lumens. When you are going to purchase a projector, you need to check the two lumens specifications. One lumen specification is for color brightness and another one is for white brightness. Based on the brand and the model you choose, the color and brightness level of the projector system may vary so as a buyer you need to keep an eye on the list of the brands and its brightness specifications at the time of purchase.

Some brands in the market provide only white brightness option so confirm with the vendor about the color brightness option and if you confirm there is no option to set the color brightness, ignore that type of projector straightaway. For the home theater projectors, a minimum of 1500 lumens is necessary. For the places like the classroom, conference halls and other venues with windows, you need a minimum of 2500 lumens. For long lecture halls, more lumens is required, so choose the projector accordingly.

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Contrast Ratio:

The contrast ratio is a big factor need to be checked before choosing the projector of your choice. A high contrast ratio is always required to provide the proper presentation using the projector with the crystal-clear detail. When you are using the projectors for your home theatres, you need to choose the projector with good contrast ratio specification otherwise the ambient light turns out to be very challenging to provide the rich cinematic content on the display. Difference between the blacks and whites on the screen need to reflect on the display in a clear way so that audience will able to get the better experience and this is only possible by choosing the projectors with excellent contrast ratio.

Good Resolution:

Resolution means nothing but the number of the pixels used to represent an image. Normally higher pixels are found in the bar charts, videos, images, and tables which gets presented in a conference meeting with the help of the projector. On such kind of scenarios, the proper projector needs to be used to visualize those videos, images and bar charts in a clear-cut way. Different types of business projectors and home theater projectors are available in the market supporting the variety of pixels on the data, and as a buyer, you can choose based on your demands. For home theatre projectors, 720 P and 1080 Pixels are normally used. For Business Projectors, 1024×768 pixels is widely used.

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