Chrome OS spotted running on an Acer tablet


Chrome OS spotted running on an Acer tablet.

Chrome OS spotted running on an Acer tablet

Google’s Chrome OS has seen much development over the years since it was first announced.

It is no news that Android has taken a turn for the worse on tablets. Sales have declined over the years and the experience is no different from what you get on a phone. So apart from the larger screen, there is no big advantage in productivity. What if we swapped the Android OS for Chrome OS? What are the benefits?

First, that screen estate can be put into good use as Chrome OS is a desktop style operating system. You also have free-floating resizeable windows open at the same time unlike Android’s split-screen multitasking which is limited to just two apps.

Chrome OS is one of the most secure operating systems at the moment. Updates are not reliant on manufacturers like Android but handled by Google. Software update support, according to Google, is for five years which is more than you can get on most Android devices.

Apart from Chrome extensions, you also have access to all the apps on the Play Store. So you see, you are not really losing anything. Battery life is also amazing.

Reported by: GizMo China



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