GO groove Bass PULSE 2.1 Computer Speakers

GO groove Bass PULSE 2.1 Computer Speakers

The GO groove bass pulse is one of the best pc speakers under 100 as it is equipped with hosts of features. They work in tandem to deliver brilliant sound to the users in their category. With a cheap price tag, the item is inundated with quality and is right up there with the best multimedia speakers. In fact, it’s overall appearance is a revelation when compared to the sound performance.

Design features:

On placing the order, you will get pocket dynamo from Go groove. It is not like the boring conventional speakers of today but boasts of modern light systems. A single press of the button goes a long way in enhancing the brightness of the LED bulbs.

On placement of the order you will get the4 speakers and bunch of accessories to boot. Super slim design is one of the unique selling points of the product. Stereophonic sound emission is only possible due to the material components used to create the speaker from the ground up. The material resembles like a glass and goes a long way in creating instant impression on the people.

When the speakers are turned on, they LED light kicks in and enhances their appearance by many notches. One of the most important attributes of the speakers is the light weight that makes them quite portable. You can carry the compact stuff easily from one place to another.

Chunky build of the speaker imparts them unique gaming console looks. They play an important role in delivering sterling results to the users.

Unique features:

Unlike other speakers, you will not find fancy connections. In order to plug into the system, one can find the 3.5 mm cable to accomplish the task.

Base pulse works seamlessly with the AUX jack and head phones. One of the most important factors is that the cables can be replaced in an easy and hassle free manner.

Right on the bass unit, one can use the volume and bass knobs to manipulate the sound. When the bass is increased to more than 80%, LED lights start flashing and become the center of attraction.

Speakers are so good to look at; therefore they can be used to transform the room into a mini discotheque.


The sound quality of the speaker is second to none however sound card will also have an impact on the overall performance.

Due to the presence of large sub woofer base, the lows of the music are perfectly handled by the users. Small speakers play an important role in finding the right balance of the sound. In fact, one can also adjust the bass level of the subwoofer in a home theater set up.

Woofer seems to boom a lot however it can be placed on the floor to deliver impeccable performance.

Mid frequency of the music appears to be indistinct at the lower volume levels however it becomes more visible when the volume increases. You can play favorite songs with absolute clarity.

Highs are absolutely nice and crisp when they are played on the speaker nevertheless a slight sizzle is noted on carking up of the volume. Treble can beat the best in the business in terms of quality.

What separates it from others?

  Location of the bass knob is situated right at the front for easy usage. Movies and games emit wonderful sound on the speakers. They are far better than the other products situated in similar category. For lap top users, the speaker is quite useful because they do not need over the top sound and are satisfied with the decent output.

The speakers are available in black green, black blue and black red colors. They are known to exude amazing power in spite of sporting compact size. Compared to other speakers, the offering from Go groove is easy to set up and goes a long way in filling the room with music.

Increase the volume and find out how it affects the surrounding ambience. Every signal reaches the ears without distortion. No disturbance ensures that sound of the musical instruments are clearly differentiated.

People can listen to hard rock with a significant treble, therefore the speakers are ideal for varieties of purposes.



Limited warranty is available on parts for the first year. If the product is found defective, the components can be replaced or repaired absolutely free of cost.

Extended warranty option is also available to the users. 100% parts are covered with the scheme to ensure that the speakers last for a very long time.


It is one of the best computer speakers fewer than 100 due to the range of attributes mentioned above. Although outdoor performance is nothing to croon about, the speaker is quite useful while playing music inside a small house or apartment. You can buy the items due to value for money utility as they can also survive for a very long time.

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