How to install iOS 9 on android { STEP by STEP }

Well, everyone loves iOS. But it’s not affordable for majority of the people. So here we present how can you install ios 9 on android to give it a classy iOS touch.

Let’s talk about the amazing features that iOS 9 will bring on your android device.

Guide to How to install iOS 9 on android { STEP by STEP }

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Features of iOS 9

    • The device will run smooth.
    • Same boot animation and logo will be updated as iOS.
    • Sony Weather applications updated.
    • iOS 9 wallpapers updated.
    • Huge free RAM for multitasking.
    • Updated icons.
    • Default applications as iOS will be there in the android device.
    • Great interface like an original apple device.

Download iOS zip file

By the given link you can download all the necessary files required to install iOS 9 on android.

install ios 9 on android

Installation process by TWRP custom recovery

Here are the steps which you need to follow to install the files correctly through the TWRP custom recovery.

  • First of all, we recommend you to create the backup of your android device. If any issues happens in future.
  • Press the special keys combinations according to your device to open the TWRP Recovery mode.
  • Go ahead and click on wipe and clear your phone data to erase all the data present on your device.
  • Now head back and tap on install.
  • Check for the downloaded iOS file zip and then install the zip file.
  • Now you have to Flash some files like iOS 9 ROM, Dolby Atmos, sound patch, flash light.


You are all set. Finally now you have install iOS 9 on android. The device may take up to few minutes to reboot so be patient. After that you will observe that your device have changed completely into an IOS 9 device. If you are having any problems let us know in the comments section below.

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