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What is Data Encryption and Why is it important

In the computing language, Data Encryption refers to the method by which any type of data is converted to encoded version from the readable form.
Which can only be readed by a known.
When it comes to end to end protection of data across networks. Encryption is the most important aspect.

data encryption

Benefits of Data Encryption.

But what are the benefits of encryption of data? The main important purpose of the encryption is to protect the data stored on the computer networks.
Which is transmitted to other Computer Networks.
If your data is not encrypted it can be hacked by third parties and may misuse

The data being sent by your end is just one step of the process involved. You types a message/ email in your mobile or PC but when you hit the “send” button it goes through multiple servers which are located in different parts of world. So, your confidential data travels all through the world before it can be delivered to the receiver. Definitely you would not like your passwords and account information to be made accessible and readable to anyone else. This is where data encryption comes into play. It changes or masks your “plain text” information using softwares which makes it impossible for humans to understand. This is does so as to prevent any misuse of the information regardless of what information is being sent. Along with masking the information it is also required that the receiver should get it in readable and understandable form otherwise the information being sent will be useless for the receiver too! This process of changing the masked information or encrypted information to readable form is called decryption. A software should be able to handle both the type of information and do the needful in order to be of any use.Also you can download here: Best file and folder encryption free software

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=SSL Certificates secure the data transferred between a web server and browser. If the website has installed an SSL certificate, you can see a green padlock and the https protocol.

Algorithms for Data Encryption

1. Triple DES

It was designed as the hackers learned to beat the previous algorithm that is Data Encryption Standard algorithm.
This algorithm uses three keys with 56 bith each.

2. RSA


3. Blowfish


4. Twofish


5. AES



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