Messenger App – Text and Video Chat for Free

 Messenger App – Text and Video Chat for Free

With the everyday increase in technology, the world has become compact. Now talking to people sitting far away has become quite easy. There are a number of free apps which you can download from the 9apps and make your working easy. The apps which you can use for video call and texting are WhatsApp, snapchat, facebook messenger, skype etc.

These apps help t talk and chat with your loved ones for free. This is actually a blessing for people who have loved one in other countries as they can easily conversate with them through the live video without any charge. Even when it comes to online apps and getting the latest information about it UC News has been a big support which always provides first-hand information.

Earlier downloading these apps would take a lot of time and bugs would come in between but with 9apps the downloading becomes quick without any hurdle. It is quite beneficial for the people who use to face a problem when they did not have a Wifi connection.


  • Snapchat: When we talk about this app, it certainly helps you to post pictures as your story for twenty-four hours. You can even chat here but once you swap down the window chat is gone. You need to take a screenshot of it. But it has a great option of calling and video calling where you can talk with your loved ones. Though many people don’t use this for calling as this feature is newly developed but it is certainly a great one.
  • WhatsApp: This product by the Facebook company has captured the heart of users. Now you cannot spot any android phone which does not have WhatsApp. Even UC News quoted about the popularity of this app. This app helps people to chat which is saved, share media and even go to voice and video call. This app is quite good at working and most people use this.
  • Facebook Messenger: This is the best one so far. All you need to have an account and you can keep chatting, doing voice calls, video calls etc. This is simply amazing as the quality of this app is great. For doing video chat through this mode, the person on another hand should have installed the app to the latest version.
  • Skype: Skype is another app which is present from long. This App helps to chat plus do video calls. In this app, you have to be logged in to use it. This was used in past by people but nowadays people don’t really access it as they have other apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. The emergence of these apps has shifted the incline from Skype to these sources.
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Thus to conclude the apps have actually served as a miracle for the society which has brought people to come together. It serves as an aid for people who cannot waste money on international calling and they use these apps free on their phones.

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