Power Up Hosting Review – The Best Windows VPS Hosting

Power Up Hosting Review – The Best Windows VPS Hosting

The goal here is to decide if power up hosting measures up to the impossible standards we have set for the hosting service providers, particularly power up hosting. Sure, we will get to know everything that power up hosting inc has to offer us and also whether you should or you should not go for it.

But before we do an actual powerup hosting review. Why not understand what makes VPS hosting a better choice than shared hosting or dedicated hosting. Why do we need to use VPS hosting? What is the difference? You can also follow HostingWiki Twitter for hosting related updates.

Let’s get that taken care of and then we will begin with our power up hosting review. Most of you might already be aware of these things and might have answers to all these questions. You can skip this part and go straight to the review section.

1) Shared hosting

In shared hosting, your website files will be hosted on a server on which other clients website files are stored as well.


This hosting has been coined “shared” because, with shared hosting, you have to share bandwidth as well as other resources of the server that stores your file. And with shared hosting, you will have a lot of control on the server or any of the operations.

To explain it in a better way, how about we take an example of an apartment unit. When you rent an apartment unit, you need to share parking space, storage, laundry facilities and few other services. That is quite similar to shared hosting.

It’s affordable and mostly used for small and medium-sized businesses which receive daily traffic below 2000 visitors.

2) Dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting, you can lease an exclusive server space for your website. It will be your space. No one else can use it. You will have complete access to the server bandwidth as well as all the other resources.

If you don’t play well with other and need your own exclusive space then dedicated hosting is your answer.

You have control and you can customize the software and various computing operations. You get to have full access even when you don’t have access to the server hardware.

Think of it as you living in a large single-family home. It’s mostly used for complex, large, high-traffic sites and applications. Then there is our primary topic VPS Hosting.

3) VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, you will be allocated your own space on a physical server. The physical server is partitioned into multiple private environments.

It’s true that other website files are stored on the same physical server on which your website files are hosted. But your space will be left untouched by the others. You don’t have to share your resources or bandwidth with them.

You can even collect coupons from CheapSSLCouponCode, here promo code of all leading hosting providers are available.

With VPS hosting you get the best of both worlds ( i.e. Shared and Dedicated hosting). You get to change the server settings, add users, or install software. You can even turn the server on or off as per your requirements.

A condominium building is a perfect example of VPS hosting. A single building is divided into many private units of varying sizes. Each unit has it’s very own private laundry room, storage and also a reserved parking space.

These are the resources you do not have to share with any of the other condo residents.

And it’s definitely more affordable than dedicated hosting.

Power Up Hosting – The Best Windows VPS Hosting.

Power Up Hosting is a US-based hosting provider, with most of their servers located in LA (i.e. web hosting los angeles). It offers a variety of services. It can be your one-stop-shop for any kind of hosting services.

It has shared hosting plans, unlimited ssd reseller hosting, VPS hosting, poweruphosting proxies, and quite a few other services. How about you head over to Poweruphosting after you are done with the review and take a look for yourself.

I personally have had a great experience with power up hosting. With hosting, it will always take time to find the right service for you. You will have to kiss some frogs to find the prince. That’s the way it works with hosting services.

You have to try a few hosting services and choose a perfect plan for you. If you are lucky, you get it right on the first try. And sometimes what works for most people doesn’t work for you. That’s exactly what happened to me, I tried one of those popular hosting service providers that everyone keeps talking about and I have to tell you bad choice.

Everything was a mess and it took me a lot of time to get my website back and running. As we are concentrating on Windows VPS hosting. Let’s talk about the options that you have with power up hosting.

You can choose either the Windows VPS which is Built on SSD or the Windows VPS which is built on HDD.

Windows VPS built on SSD comes with an enabled RDP. Whereas both Windows VPS build on SSD and Windows VPS built on HDD have much in common both will give you excellent customer support, administrator access to your server, you can also manage your VPS from anywhere and at any time.

Why choose power up hosting?

  1. Customer support.

We have already come across this point, but it needed to covered again. They provide an excellent customer service. Anytime I had a doubt, I got a solved. And I must admit, I do ask a lot of questions and it can be irritating at times. Still, they listened to me and gave me the answers I needed.

After dealing with some hosting services, who turned a blind eye to all of my queries, getting such good response from the power up hosting support team was a welcome surprise. There was just that one time when I had to wait for over 10 minutes but it was worth it.

2. Website loading time and Security.

Had a really bad experience with one of my previous hosting provider. My website was taking a lot of time to load. The traffic at my website during those troublesome months was quite less. That was one of the reasons for my hesitation before I switched to Power Up Hosting.

I did not want to have the same experience again. Thankfully, I made the right choice. My website loads quite a bit faster and I am happy with the output. Never had any trouble with security. They have delivered everything that was promised.

3. Customization and no downtime.

Customization has always been one of my requirement, which is the reason I decided to forego shared hosting. Windows VPS hosting has given me full access to the server and I have customized a lot of things and tailored them to meet my website and client needs.

Since the time I have procured the services of power up hosting, my website has been running without any interruptions. There has been no downtime.

4. Cost. ( SSD and HDD Plans)


Power up hosting might seem a tad expensive over some of the other options you might have seen online. Just think about it, suppose you want to buy a table. That table is going to be the centerpiece of your living room furniture. Would you buy a table that is expensive and robust or the one that is cheap but made of brittle material?

I’m sure most of you would pick the expensive and robust one. These hosting services breathe life into your website. Faster loading time, control over the server, more space and your own resources, what more could you want at such an affordable price?

Just look at the branded clothes, you buy them even if they are expensive because of the brand name and the happy customers they have had.

Treat your hosting plans the same way. Do your research and get the hosting plan that meets most of your requirements if not all.

Although some might think of it as expensive, it provides cheap windows vps remote desktop services as compared to a lot other hosting providers.

Windows VPS built on SSD plans:

Windows VPS built on SSD plans:


This concludes the poweruphosting review. I would tell you to go for it. But instead of taking my word for it, do some more research and make a well-informed decision. A best pbn hosting solution, you can manage your pbn much better with power up hosting at your side.

Most people choose the cheap windows ssd vps service, they are not that cheap but compared to what out there it’s a cheaper alternative. Better performance in terms of speed is the reason they decided to go with Windows VPS Hosting built on SSD.

With data centers located in Los Angeles, Dallas, Amsterdam and New Jersey, you will never have to worry about your website’s performance. Power Up Hosting even has some of the best and cheap linux vps plans that you should consider taking a look at.

They have delivered on what they promised and more so. So, how about you try out this new and growing hosting service provider rather than going for the well-known one and being disappointed when the service doesn’t live up to the name.


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