7 Best Google Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Quickly

Try These 7 Google Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Quickly

There are more than 73,000 searches made on Google every second which translates to more than 4.4 billion searches per day.

These statistics show that Google is more than just a search engine. In fact, Google offers plenty of business tools which are great for internet marketers.


In this post, we have rounded up a list of the important Google marketing tools you can use as an internet marketer.

The good thing?

Most of them are free.

Let’s get started.

Google Marketing Tool #1: Google My Business

Google My Business was known as Google Places in the past and is a free tool that every marketer should use to advertise on Google without paying anything.

This tool allows marketers to list their businesses easily so it can get featured in the search results for local searches in maps.

If you decide to work with local SEO expert like Mike, who works in Toronto,  you can increase your web presence and build the legitimacy of your business thereby attracting website traffic and generating leads.

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Having seen the statistics above concerning the number of Google searches per day, it is no doubt if your business if not found on Google, you are losing out potential sales to your competitors.

You just need to sign up for free and create your business page then add your business information including the address, phone number, working hours, and the location.

Google Marketing Tool #2:  Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools show how your website is performing. Once you set up your account, the tool will notify you of any obstacles that could keep your site from being found in search results.

The tool will also help you examine your search traffic to help you understand how readers land on your site.

Google Marketing Tool #3: Google Trends

Google Trends is your handy tool when it comes to the selection of keywords. The tool allows you to understand the search volumes of certain terms. It can also help you with new keyword suggestions.

The tool allows you to compare two searched terms to help you pick the most searched one.

The good thing about Google trends is that it helps you understand the latest topics and content.

Google Marketing Tool #4: Google Drive

Storing your documents, videos, and other stuff to an external storage device can be risky, especially in today’s world where fires can break from nowhere or robbers can invade your working place and vandalize everything including your storage devices. Why not save your data to the cloud using Google Drive?

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The tool allows you to store up to 15 GB of data storage to the cloud free.

The good thing?

With Google Drive, you can share your documents and files with workmates thus boosting collaboration at the workplace.

Google Marketing Tool #5: Google Alerts

For bloggers, you must understand how link building plays a significant role when it comes to getting your site to rank better in Google.

Nevertheless, in their effort to support their points, some bloggers will mention your brand without linking back to you.

With Google Alerts, you can monitor who mentions your brand on the web so you can make follow-ups to ensure they link back to your content.

Create your Google Alert account today to start receiving notifications via email or RSS whenever someone mentions your brand on the web.

The good thing?

You can use Google Alerts to monitor your competition to see where on the web there are being mentioned.

Google Marketing Tool #6: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your friendly tool to monitor dwell time and bounce rate as well. The tool can help you understand how your website visitors are finding your site on the web.

Google Marketing Tool #7: Google Voice

Today, almost everyone is using their phones to search for information on the web. What if people can use the web to manage phone conversations? Doesn’t that feel good?

That’s exactly what Google Voice can do. The tool can help you create a phone number so you can make and receive phone calls and text messages.

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Final Thoughts

As we come to the conclusion of the post allow us to let you know that you do not need all these Google Marketing Tools. However, whichever you choose, ensure to use it effectively and accordingly so that you can achieve the success you anticipate.


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