Smartphone Addiction: 6 Gadgets to Get Rid of It

Smartphone Addiction: 6 Gadgets to Get Rid of It


Humanity depends too much on their smartphones. This is not surprising, since they allow you to buy a new jacket, find a free table in a restaurant, book Enterprise car rental in Pittsburgh PA, or reserve a plane ticket to Dubai.

Fortunately, people are beginning to realize the seriousness of the situation. So, according to sociological study, about 70% of American users aged 18-34 years old admitted that they spend more time with a smartphone in their hands than they would like. At the same time, 47% of respondents are seriously trying to somehow limit their ‘smartphone time’ and avoid this addiction.

Technology giants also don’t stand aside – new versions of Android and iOS will have features that help users control and limit the time they use the gadget.

But it turns out that you can cope with smartphone addiction not only with the help of software timers. Here’re 6 gadgets that will help you break free from this bad habit.

Substitute Phone

Substitute Phone is a healing accessory for addicted users – for those who are so used to a smartphone that reflexively takes it out of their pocket every minute.

The accessory is a plastic plate with a cutout in which rotating stone balls are fixed. The plate repeats the outlines of the smartphone, and the balls imitate the basic tactile sensations from the display. When the addicted user once again begins to ‘scratch his hands’, he should get the Substitute Phone and start ‘swiping’, ‘zooming’ and ‘scrolling. Those who have already tested the accessory claim that it really helps to calm the nerves and eliminates the addiction of constantly checking the smartphone.

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Bagby kit is designed to turn the user’s bedroom into an area free from the influence of a smartphone. Bagby is a fabric bag that is recommended to be hung on the outside of the door of your room.

The meaning of the accessory is to remove the smartphone from sight. When the gadget lies on a bed or on a bedside table, it constantly attracts the eye of an addicted user. If you leave the smartphone behind the door when entering the room, it ceases to tempt you.

Those who use the smartphone as an alarm clock and the watch don’t have to worry, as Bagby comes with a simple mechanical alarm clock.

Light Phone and Light Phone 2

Light Phone devices are called ‘anti-smartphones’. These are simple gadgets that visually resemble a familiar smartphone, but with minimal functionality. That is, in fact, we are talking about the most primitive mobile phone, but in a more modern form factor with a multi-touch sensor.

The first Light Phone could only make calls. The second has become a little more complicated. It learned to receive and send text messages, as well as work with such applications as a calendar or to-do list. Of course, with these devices you can forget about social networks or addictive games.


Socialight is a table lamp that won’t turn on until a smartphone is placed on the platform at its top. The product idea belongs to designer Kevin Cook. According to the designer, such a lamp should stimulate lively communication during friendly gatherings or dates.

That is, if you don’t want to sit in the dark – don’t use a smartphone.

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Yondr Pouch

Yondr Startup is developing a system that aims to return users to the real world. Yondr Pouch is a durable fabric case with magnetic closure. When a user arrives at an event in a smartphone-free format, the organizers give him such a cover.

The smartphone is placed inside the case and the clasp is locked. The cover can only be opened in specially designated areas or at the exit of the event. One of Yondr’s clients is the legendary Guns N ‘Roses, which prohibits people from using smartphones at their concerts.

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Phone Bed

Phone Bed is a charging station for smartphones and tablets. The station looks like a small bed, which fits up to ten gadgets. Thus, you can ‘put to bed’ electronic devices of the whole family.

Similarly to Bagby bags, the idea of Phone Bed is to keep the smartphone away. The charging station is too large to hold near your own bed or carry from place to place. This means that you have to select your own place for it and put the smartphone there.

Of course, you could just leave the gadget on charge in another room. But in the case of Phone Bed, the ritual is important. Putting a smartphone in its own small bed, the user symbolically leaves him alone. Thus, the user will also be exempted from using a smartphone, which is a significant step towards getting rid of smartphone addiction.


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