SnapTube App Download for Android [2018]

SnapTube App Download for Android [2018]

In recent times YouTube has become the hot favorite of everyone. Not only it is a mode of entertainment for its users but it is a great way of making money as well. There are lot many you tubers around the world who are making the good amount of money by uploading videos on YouTube.

These you tubers make money when we view these videos, and our generation love to watch these videos. But the only problem with YouTube videos is that you can watch these videos only if you have the internet connection.

However, there is the number of apps that allows to download these videos and watch them even in offline mode. Snap tube is one of those numerous apps that allows YouTube users to download these videos.

What is Snaptube

snaptube app download

It is one of the best-known YouTube video downloaders that can easily be downloaded from 9apps. It is highly compatible with all android systems. It allows you to watch videos and download the same simultaneously. There is the number of features that make snap tube favourite of all. Some of these features are:

  • You can easily customize the home page of the snap tube. Generally, it places most widely used applications such as Facebook, twitter, and YouTube on its homepage. But users can easily customize the page and can place applications according to one’s own choice. You just need to tap on + button to add the options to change the settings.
  • The picture in picture mode allows watching videos in the pop-up box as well. You just need to go to settings option and keep scrolling to find the “Picture in picture mode”. Once you find the option just tick the same and the feature will be activated.
  • Snaptube app gives you an option to add any new video channel on the site. There is the number of video channels available online like Vimeo, Daily Motion and many more. All you need to do is just add the new channel on the site that you find interesting and can ask the developers of the app to add the same on the web page. You can do the same by going to the ‘ suggest Video site” option.
  • Not only you can customize the homepage, but you can customize the downloading speed as well. You can go to the settings option and can change the settings to fasten the speed of downloading.
  • You may find some videos on YouTube that are restricted to use. You may not find an access to watch those videos because of various reasons. But if you are watching those videos through the snap tube you can easily bypass those restrictions. To bypass the restriction process, just go to the settings, choose the location of the content and switch to some different country where access is allowed. By doing so you may get to watch the video.
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Conclusion: To conclude with, I would say that snap tube is one of the most powerful vidmate application download. For all YouTube users this is must have an app, so what are you waiting for if you like watching movies on YouTube just download the app for Android from snaptube apk store.

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