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Are you looking for a pokezz apk download link? Well if your answer is yes then we are here to help you out. As you read further in this article, we will be talking about what is pokezz? What are some of the top Pokezz frequently asked questions and answers?. Also if you do not have any idea about how to install an android application or APK file. Then we will also be sharing an installation guide. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time.

However, before we go ahead and share the download link, at first let’s just know what is pokezz. So you can have a better idea of the application. So here we go:


Introduction of Pokezz:


Well, Pokezz is one of the most popular Pokemon go location tracer application. It helps you to find a location of a Pokemon so you can catch them easily. Also, you can use the Pokezz application to filter the location of a specific Pokemon. For example, if you want to catch Pikachu then all you have to do is use the application and filter the location for Pikachu. This way you will be able to save your time looking for different Pokémon’s while playing Pokémon Go.

So that was a short introduction of Pokezz. Now that you have enough idea about the application. So let’s just move to our next section, where we will be sharing how to download pokezz and install it on an Android smartphone. However, before we start talking about the steps, at first make sure that your smartphone supports installation from unknown sources. Well, most of the Android smartphone users already have this feature enabled. However, if you do not have any idea about this, then do not worry. Simply follow the below mentioned steps, and you will be good to go.
So here we go:

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At first, go to the settings of your smartphone.

Over here you have to look for the Additional settings.

After entering into the additional settings page, you have to find privacy.

Then you will get to see an option that says “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.” Simply enable the feature, and you are good to go.

However in some smartphones, the feature is hidden, or you may not get it by following above mentioned steps. So in such cases, you can search for the option, or look into the security menu.

Once you are done enabling the feature, you are all set to install the Pokezz application. So in order to install Pokezz apk on your smartphone. Here are all the steps that you need to follow:

How to download Pokezz and install it on your smartphone?.

At first you have to download the Pokezz application. So in order to download Pokezz, you can click on the below mentioned download button. Once you click on the download button, the download button will start in a while.

Pokezz Sniper APK

Once the file is downloaded, you have to tap on it. Now the installation process will start.

After tapping on the pokezz apk file, you will see an install button. So simply tap on it and now wait for a while. Your Android smartphone will now take a few seconds to install the Pokezz apk file.

Once your smartphone is done installing the application. You will get to see an Open button.

Tap on the button, and now you are all set to use the application.

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Now that you have installed the application. Let’s move to our next section where we will be sharing some top frequently asked questions and answers about Pokezz go. So here we go:

Will my Pokemon Go account get banned if I use Pokezz?

Well yes, there is a high chance of getting banned. As it is an online game so fooling it would not be an easy task.

How can I use the pokezz apk without getting banned?

Well if you keep a gap of 2 hours between catching a Pokemon. Then there is a possible chance that your account will not get banned.

What if my Pokemon go account gets a ban?

Well just in case if your account gets a ban. Then all you can do is wait for minimum 2 to 6 hours. So maximum you have to wait for a day.

Will Pokemon Go permanently ban my account?

Well in most of the cases it will not ban your account permanently. However, it might can so be careful with the Pokezz.

So that was all for the Pokezz apk. So go ahead and install the application and figure out the features of the application. However, make sure you are using the application in real. Anyway if you have any questions then comment below, and we will surely help you out.

List of best PokeZZ app alternatives:

pokezz alternatives

Bravo, Lets now see the best pokezz alternatives available to us.


This app is one of the best alternatives of the Pokezz app, The best feature is that it gives you the exact location of the Pokemon near your location. Also it alerts if there is a pokemon nearby.

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The next alternative app on our list is Pokedex. It works as locator to track the Pokemon. It has a special feature by which you can divide the Pokemon in categories which helps user to find pokemon easily.

3.PokeGo Snipers:

The next app on the list is PokeGo Snipers which is a good alternative of PokeZZ, Which lets you find the pokemon available around you. The best part is this app is available for iOS users as well as Android users.

 4. PokeSnipers:

PokeSnipers, Lets see what it have to offer us.

PokeSnipers app use there bots, which scans some of the highly pokemon polulated area and when they successfully manage to find the pokemon
then after locating any Pokemon it automatically gets distributed on the PokeSnipers website.

Looking for the legendary cards?

This app will definitely help you to catch them all.


5.  MyPoGoSnipers

MyPoGoSnipers is designed in a manner that you can check all the coordinates and the Pokemon information which is provided by the users from all over the world.

Isn’t it great?

You can also sort he data according to some of the parameters like level, name, country etc. Also, the best part is there is an filter option which allows you to enter the IV percentage you are checking for and the website will show you exact matching Pokemon only, which will eventually save your time.

Its time to explore Pokezz

We hope now you are aware of the pokezz alternatives. That’s all for this article, Let us know your questions in the comments section below.



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