RuneScape game Overview, Features & Download for FREE

RuneScape game Overview & Introduction

RuneScape game, developed by the Jagex Game Studios, is based on the medieval age and in the world known as Gielinor. This app is the handy android version of the browser based RuneScape game which was developed in 2001. This desktop version of the game had around 200 million accounts of players worldwide and is even recognised by the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the first world largest free MMORPG. This app game allows you to trade while letting you chat with your friends and people from around the world and also you can make channels for chatting. You can also create clans and team up with your friends. It is basically a trade game where we can buy and sell items in the Grand Exchange and you can do much more in the game. It is divided into cities regions and also kingdoms. Every regions got different monsters, quests making it challenging and interesting for the users. You can travel to different regions using different ways like going on foot, using ships or even magical spells. Overall the game is a must try game with many features in it.

Features of RuneScape game

Chat System :

  • You can easily chat with your while playing RuneScape with your friends, in between your clan and also private chat is available.
  • You can also create chat avenue.
  • Keep your friend list up to date.
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Grand Exchange assist :

  • A Push Notification is given whenever you trade your item.
  • Easily trade your items, with companion players, in the grand exchange.
  • You can see the account of price of the items in grand exchange.
  • Also you can assess the items in your reserve.

RuneScape game Download

Here we have given you the download link for this application.

runescape game

Or you can download from the best site.

Application NameRuneScape
Application Version1.0.6
Users Base500000+
Minimum OS requiredAndroid 4.0+ ( KITKAT)
Root Access requiredNo
Last UpdateJan’2016


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