The SMT’s survey of social media spending for 2018: Primary channels that are focused

Best Social Media Spending for Marketers

As 2019 is approaching, every business is involved in making the policies for the coming New Year. But before planning for the next year, it is very important to consider the shifts and latest trends that were visible in the social media budget of the previous year. Also, it is important to check how these businesses were spending the money and how much did they get back from their digital marketing efforts. After that, you can make the plans for the New Year to make the budget of the social media marketing accordingly.

For this purpose, a survey of Social Media today platform was conducted which will help the online marketers and businesses to make the strategies as per the information they receive from the survey. This survey is about the key trends and about the experiences this community had throughout the year.

Primary channels that are focused by the marketers

This survey will make the results in various fields, but at first, we have analyzed the key channels that are being preferred by the online marketers this year.

In our survey, we asked the group of marketers who are advertising their products through social media platform that which social channel they prefer to market their products on this platform. The results are as follows:


As per the result, Facebook was the platform that was on the top of our list. The social media marketers are focusing mainly on the Facebook advertisement and they are putting their marketing efforts on this platform. We can clearly see that this platform is well growing in terms of the marketing and it has 2.2 billion users which makes it a best platform to spend ad money for the coming year.

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Instagram was on the 2nd number of our list. This social media channel is also owned by Facebook and it also provides many opportunities for the online marketers. So, it is obvious that this platform would be in the 2nd place. The number of Instagram followers is getting increased from 1 billion every other day. And it is a very suitable platform to spend ad money for marketing the products on this social site perfectly.

In a follow up question, we further asked the marketers that which social media channels they will prefer to spend advertisement money on. Their responses made it clear that for the next year which social sites they will prefer for the marketing purpose.

As per the result, most of the marketers responded that they will increase their marketing efforts and budgets for the coming year over the Instagram. After that Facebook was on the list. And we noticed that many marketers have been thinking that apart from these two channels, YouTube is also a channel that is rising for its new updates that will allow the marketers to better advertise their products through this site. S, in the coming year, the businesses should allocate their budget in the name of Instagram marketing and also for Facebook and Youtube.


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