Wealth from Wealth, Using new Cryptocurrencies for a Successful ICO

Wealth from Wealth, Using new Cryptocurrencies for a Successful ICO

ICO has proven to revolutionize the way many companies and projects raise money. ICO is a combination of conventional methods and advanced techniques.

The investors investing in an ICO are entirely free of risk due to the technology used in the offerings.

ICO is the short-form for Initial Coin Offering, refer to the unregulated process of raising funds for cryptocurrency projects. The process involves selling part of cryptocurrencies to initial investors in exchange for either of bitcoin or legal tender.

ICOs are rapidly growing owing to the development of new cryptocurrencies. Since last year, which was the breakthrough year for cryptocurrencies where over $5.6 billion was collected from distinct ICO projects. And the amount we are talking about was raised from about 430 cryptocurrency ventures.

If you are looking for some great ICO marketing strategies, you’ll find the list of ours interesting and enable you to reach your target market.

ICO Marketing Strategies:

Designing a Website

Building a great website can facilitate the foundation of your ICO marketing plan. A site that is constructed aesthetically creates a positive impression on your audience.

Way before you launch your ICO, make sure that you have a well-optimized website. Prepare a site that can be easy to navigate; saving time will allow visitors to get the information in a quick span.

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Make sure that you don’t include irrelevant information, as it will drive visitors away from your site and adversely affect your ICO marketing.

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Build a community with whitelist papers

A whitelist campaign will enable you to create a community of members who are interested in the project. Building a whitelist smoothes engagement, make an email list, nourish your social media channels, create awareness and the crisis around your ICO.

It is said that whitelist is the foundation of a successful initial coin offering. The investors would want to seek a brief explanation about the project; team involved, legal facets and more such information.

Basically, the job of whitelist is to persuade an investor that the tokens are worth a lot of money.

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Social Media

Social Media is a vital tool for success in a campaign of an ICO market. It is also the unique and surprising elements of the crypto-world that builds an active community around specific coins and exchange platforms.

The success and failure of your ICO heavily rely on how you communicate with your target audience. Social Media provides you with a great platform to promote your ICO to the audience and turn them into potential investors.

There are plenty of online channels which allow you to market your ICO are Facebook, Reddit, Telegram and Quora. You can also visit specialized forums where investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to learn more about cryptocurrency related opportunities.

The benefits of working on these forums are that they provide you with a platform to market your ICO to the right audience.

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These social media platforms do not require much capital in order to run your business; they prove to be the best bet for a limited budget.

List Project on ICO listing sites

Most investors research prior to investing in an ICO and browse sites looking for the best ICO to invest in.

ICOs can also be listed on ICO calendars that offer users with an ongoing list of current and upcoming ICOs. To make investors and the community aware of the existence of your project, it is necessary for you to list ICO to an ICO calendar.

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Here are the things that you need to to get listed on a calendar:

  • Project Name
  • Token details
  • Project Summary(start and finish date)
  • ICO website
  • Position within the project and contact information

Getting listed on these calendars will benefit your chances of giving your project featured in the press like journalists at top blogs will have a check at the ICO calendar sites that provide a glimpse of ICOs featured in the articles.

Albeit whatever the marketing strategy you choose to market your ICO, you will be facing fierce competition. You at the end have to be the best to beat the competition level.

Take some time to study what works the best for you and make sure your ICO is trustworthy and compliant.

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