Top Tips to Market Mobile Application in 2019

Market Mobile Application the Right Way, with these Tips

Every Smart phone claims to have all manner of novel applications, each one with innovative features. Naturally, the manufacturers of such apps or business owners, such as you, are constantly on your toes, striving to come up with new ideas all the time. After all, you desire to be ahead of your competitors always!

Nevertheless, this is not enough. True, your mobile application may be splendidly filled with diverse types of features that will appeal to all ages. You are confident that many Internet browsers will download this feature-rich application for their mobile phones from the app store.

However, stop and think for a while. Have you done enough to disseminate relevant and sufficient knowledge about it to the public? Did you create a strategy that would take its name to the top of the popularity charts? If you have not, then sorry, your app may remain unheard of, and unused, in the app store.

Suppose, over 70% of mobile users even downloaded it, they may not find it engaging enough to use it repeatedly. Now, you need to tackle these issues with a wise head on your shoulders! It does not matter if you can afford just a modest budget on promotional strategies. You can still win, provided you follow the tips outlined below, prior to, and after, launching your new mobile application.

Know your Market

It is imperative to engage in market research prior to the creation and selling of any mobile app. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open always! Which category will be compatible with the ideas for your new mobile application? Who count as key players in this particular category? What would visitors to the download site expect and like to see?

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Then again, give some serious thought to the naming of the application, for it should be easy to recall. It is also important to have suitable keywords in place, such that Internet browsers can find your app easily. In fact, if these keywords help you gain a top ranking in search engines, you have already won half the battle!

What you could do is to have an excel spreadsheet in front of you, wherein you provide the answers to all the questions mentioned above. Place the answers provided by your competitors to the same questions, and compare. This way, you will know if you have missed something that your rivals noticed first, specifically with regard to novel features in the app. Above all, make place for customers’ reviews. Whether positive or negative, they will help you keep your mobile app remain in the marketplace, and not disappear!

Give Importance to Customers

In the initial stages, you will, or should, have sufficient money to invest on your new venture. Later on, you may have to ask users to pay for it. Regardless, do not concentrate on this aspect in the beginning. Instead, work out strategies that whether free or paid for, your app is capable of keeping the users engaged, and eager to retain your app’s services always. Whatever paid channels worked well for you, should actually work for the customers too.

Plan for Profits

Obviously, you have not created a mobile application just for fun! You need to gain some profits from your venture, especially as you have spent money on research, creation and advertising. However, the basic idea may not have been to create for monetisation. To illustrate, your team may have developed an internal application for use in a larger establishment by its own internal sales team.

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In contrast, if your app is useful as an e-commerce product or a game to delight users, then you may improve upon your basic gains. Towards this end, it would be great if you could link up with reputed organisations, which are concerned with development of apps for mobile phones.

You may safely leave it to their teams to design and engineer wonderful products, as well as work out apt marketing strategies for them.

Rapid Marketing is Important

Do not leave a long gap between development and completion, and marketing of your app. In other words, it would be good to give hints to the public that a novel mobile app is on the way to the app store. This way, people will discover it soon after your marketing team has launched it.

Now, there are certain things that your marketing team should keep in mind, when planning the launch. They include –

  • Visualising a name that people find easy to remember
  • Selecting the best keywords for a better ranking on search engines
  • Giving a brief description about the app and its responsibilities
  • Granting optimum importance to the app store where the app will be uploaded
  • Comprehending the uniqueness or USP of the application
  • Planning a release date much in advance, such that it is possible to have sufficient coverage in the press and social media
  • Ensuring that the release date of your app does not coincide with the launching date of any other app in the marketplace

Customer Support Services are Important

Note that the best form of advertising is word-of-mouth advertising. Therefore, if you desire to keep your existing customers happy as well as lure new ones to your doorstep, ensure that appropriate customer care services are in place. Use Google Play, emails, phones, etc, to respond to every query and resolve issues quickly.

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As an additional measure, allow your app to go for beta testing prior to the launch, by hiring beta testers. This will help you to gain relevant and objective feedback or reviews. You will be able to resolve issues with the app, if any. Secondly, you will be able to identify your target audience and the channels through which, they plan to reach your app.

To conclude, if you have an intelligent marketing team in place, which is also ready to cooperate with the designers, developers and advertisers of the app, you should be able to stay away from pitfalls and head towards ‘rich’ success. We hope you liked our write up on how to Market Mobile Application easily.

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