Why Android SDK Is So Important In 2020

Android SDK has been a part of mobile OS evolution and has provided various things for its users and developers. These are the reasons why Android SDK is such a huge deal to Android users and it is continuously evolving with more powerful, innovative, and user-friendly features.

Components of Android SDK

To truly understand the importance of Android SDK, it is important to know what it does. Android Software Development Kit or SDK is a bundle of programming languages with several Integrated Development Environments (IDE) that allows you to make your own Android application. It is made of several components that help you through the process, including, Build tools, SDK tools, Android Debug Bridge, platform tools, and Android Emulator.

Out of all the components, the most important is the SDK tool that helps convert your Java program into an Android application that can be downloaded and installed on phones. In short, it helps create the Android Package or APK which is a file format that Android uses to distribute and install different Android applications on various devices such as mobile apps, mobile games, and middleware.

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Provides Software and The Necessary Resources for Programmers and Users

Due to Android’s ability to connect to the cloud, it provides software and the necessary resources for programmers and users and ensures that users can enjoy the device without the hassle of developing applications and making connections to the internet. This is very important for users as they can easily download applications from the Android Market and play with them without having to pay any extra fee or processing charges.

Helps People Stay Connected With Others

This also helps people stay connected with others through social networking sites and if you have an Android device you can use it to communicate with the person on the other side even when you are miles apart. Thus this is the reason why Android SDK is so important in 2020.

Easy To Use and Ensure Its Future-Proofness

The fact that this is open source makes it easy for people to use it and its future-proofness is also ensured. Developers can use it to develop apps for any type of platform and that too, they don’t have to pay any extra fees for doing so.

Helps Users to Transfer Their Images, Files and Other Important Data from One Device to Another Without Worrying About Losing Any of It

The applications on Android are designed with support for lots of devices and each app works on any type of screen resolution. The biggest advantage of using Android SDK is that it helps users to transfer their images, files and other important data from one device to another without worrying about losing any of information.

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Can Transfer All Your Files From One Device to Another

It is indeed true that every good smartphone is connected to the internet. When you can use Android to download applications you can transfer all your files from one device to another and this is what makes Android SDK so important in 2020.

Back in the year 2020, Nokia introduced the Symbian OS, which was very popular because it offered the best performance and graphics. However, the use of this OS was highly influenced by Microsoft and it was later renamed to Nokia Windows Mobile OS.

Helps People To Have Access To Media and Applications

The good thing about Android is that it helps people to have access to a lot of media and applications. Android is the most popular operating system because it is easy to use and has a lot of applications.

Downloading From the Android Market Is Free

Another big thing that Android brings is the possibility of downloading applications from the Android Market which is totally free. This means that any developer can utilize Android SDK to develop his or her application without paying any fees.

Even if Google buys up Nokia and shuts down its mobile division, Android will still continue to run and many developers will continue to make use of its powerful features. Thus, the reason why Android SDK is so important in 2020 is that it will provide the tools to the developers to make their applications function efficiently and well.

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