What are the most common cyber attacks?

What are the most common cyber-attacks?

A cyber-attack is a process of sending malicious files and stealing sensitive data from various systems by an individual or an organization. In today’s digital world, people are worried about their computer systems and the data stored in their systems. To make your computer systems secured, you must know about the most common cyber-attacks which are enlisted below.

The number of such attackers is rapidly increasing as most computer users are now making online transactions to buy things from various e-Commerce stores. Users also transfer funds from one account to another using computers. Attackers steal all the sensitive data of your accounts and steal money from the account. They also steal other sensitive data from your system which can harm you a lot.

With proper Cybersecurity Analyst Training, an organization or an individual can get to know about the cyber-attacks and Internet threats by hackers. This way you can prevent your system and organization safe and secured from the hackers. Your data will be safe and you can even guide other people to prevent their systems by following the same training. Let’s get on to the list of common cyber attacks.

Most Common Cyberattacks

  1. Malware

Every PC user is aware of this term. Malware is nothing but a term which is used to describe malicious files, software, viruses, ransomware etc. All types of Internet threats can be defined as malware. Malware enters your system when a user clicks on the link sent by the hacker to your email or mobile phone. This is the most common type of cyber-attack which can be entered by using a hacked software or clicking on dangerous links.

  1. Phishing

Phishing is a way of communication where a hacker sends out dangerous links to your mobile phones or email. When a user clicks on to the link, the viruses will breach your network and enters your system. This is how the hackers can steal the sensitive data stored in your system. It is an increasingly common cyber-attack.

  1. Man-in-the-middle-attack

This type of Cyberattack is also known as MitM in the computing world. This type of attack occurs when a user tries to work on two-party transactions. This type of attack enters your system via unsecured Wi-Fi network, malware files, third-party applications, and other software. Once the network is breached, the hacker can steal the data from your system easily.

  1. DOS Attack

DOS attack is also known as a deniel-of-service attack. This cyber-attack breaches to your network, servers by exhausting the bandwidth. Once breached, the system will not work properly. As a result, you will not get the desired results as per requested. Attackers also use multiple devices to breach the bandwidth from your network.

  1. Password Attack

Without passwords, you can’t be secure on the Web-world. Each of your accounts needs a Password to authentic you. To steal your account’s details, hackers attack your Passwords through various ways.

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Attackers use the person’s desk or network to steal the passwords of different accounts. They use social engineering and many other advanced software to steal passwords from your systems of different accounts.

  1. SQL Injection Attack

This type of cyberattack mostly hit the database related websites. This attack occurs on the servers through the database by the users. It enters via the input data from client to server using the existing database. For this attack, hackers have to implement an SQL query through the database. Once the system is hacked, the attacker can read and steal all the sensitive data stored in your website’s database.

  1. Birthday Attack

This type of cyber-attack is increasing day by day as this is currently the most common way of attacking the PCs to steal data from various computer systems. This is done by asking users to fulfill the data of his birth. The attacker may ask you to verify your birthday or any other information through digital signature etc. You will never know how the attackers have stolen your personal information and other sensitive data stored in it. Once your system is hacked, the attacker will have full control of your system. He will also be able to make changes to your personal information. We hope you liked our article on the most common cyber attacks.


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