Importance of Competencies in an Organization

Importance of Competencies in an Organization

In the working setup today, it is not easy to get the hold of everything easily. Your business can thrive only if there are strong soldiers working therein. If you want that your company grows that you should definitely have the right employees. You have to pick only such candidates for technical roles who are technically sound. You cannot think about having a lay person in your company for the roles that are beyond his or her reach. Even if you have training program in your business setup, it does not mean you would have a non-technical person for the technical role.

Now, there are plenty of roles in your business that demand technical capabilities. If the staff you recruit is not effective and professional, it would be a bad decision at your end. You cannot make a person work on different roles that not even fall within his realm or calibre. The idea is to have the candidates that are equipped with the best traits and technical skills. Once the technical skills of your employees are strong and effective, it would be a vibrant thing on the part of the professionals.

Think about technical capabilities

Have you ever used Technical competencies? Well, these describe the application of skills and knowledge needed to perform efficiently in a specific role or group of tasks in the organization. These competencies are closely aligned with the skills and knowledge needed for successful performance in particular fields like IT, marketing, sales, accounting, and various others.

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How to use these competencies?

These competencies are typically used in an association with general or relational competencies to form highly targeted job profiles that concentrate both on the soft skills and know-how required for fruitful performance.

Does your organization need them?

Technical capabilities help differentiate between jobs within a functional area for example, how do you differentiate between marketing groups? How do you make a difference between a Media Relations Specialist and a Marketing Manager?  Once you dig deeper, you would know that general competencies encompassed on both competency job profiles are fundamentally the same. So in case you are hiring as per such competencies, there is little difference between the two. But when you encompass the technical competencies you get the differences. Understanding both the technical know-how and soft skills   will help you to find out the next finest successor for a job and you would be able to know about the person that is the most effective individual to play the role in the department. You cannot make a specific person the head or manager of another area that is not really his cup of tea.

You can do assessment

Competency-based assessments are not really a fresh innovation or trend but a general good practice to adopt. The competency assessments of the employee have been around long enough to have endured the test of time and have turned out to be an extremely useful tool for the toolbox of the human resources. Technical and Employee competencies are a set of   skills and behaviour that are particular and well defined and get used to lay out the performance expectations of an organization for a job or the culture of the organization as a whole. There are plenty of tools and resources out there for the human resource professional to help them get and customize a list of competencies that their organization can opt for the best results. Once the employees you take for the job roles are effective and competent, there would be no issues with their performance and overall calibre.

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These competencies of employees can be used in a variety of manners. They can be combined into performance appraisals, succession planning, recruiting practices, as well as on-boarding orientations and different other forms of employee communication. Competencies are a manner to address both the technical skills of a role in the business and the more difficult-to-define behavioural expectations of a job. It is sometimes referred to as the soft skills but, there is nothing there that is soft about these skills and a well-defined set of competencies can turn out to be really helpful an organization to better evaluate and gage employee performance. Be it technical or otherwise, competencies are always important and effective.

Specialised jobs

You must make sure that your teams possess the understanding, capability & functional knowledge to perform specialized jobs. There are different roles in your business that demand different sets of skills. These technical skills are the capabilities that are not easy to grasp. You cannot simply relinquish them by putting anyone there to perform them. Technical roles demand their special skills. You must comprehend the competencies basis the business role, industry & organization particular context. Once you know what exactly the job role needs, only then you can have a candidate that is equipped with the needed skills.

What you can do is you can make assessment plans that enlist skills and sub-skills that are important to cover every single technical competency. In this way, there would be no loopholes in the job role or the person performing that role in your organization. It would also be helpful if you make proper assessment and questionnaire about the competencies for the specific business roles. In this way, there would be utmost efficiency and competence. Always remember, no matter how important a role is, if it is played by a person not competent for it, the role would be of no use in your organisation.  The point is to have a set of employees for the specialised roles. In this way, the right staff members would be playing the right roles. It gets crucial that the candidates have proper understanding of what they are going to work on and what is expected from them from the organization. The employees can work effectively and in a proper manner only if there is proper understanding on the part of the authorities in the business.

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So, once you have paid attention to technical capabilities, there would be no type of issues in the realm of specialised roles.


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