The Role of an Entrepreneur in Success of a Business

The Role of an Entrepreneur in Success of a Business

Undertaking a new business is a process with clearly defined stages at the empirical level internationally, Cameron Chell Calgary starting with the gestation of the idea, development of the prototype, generation of first clients, obtaining risk investment and finally the start-up of the new company with the business model already verified with real consumers in the market.

Usually the teams behind the new business projects tend to maintain the managerial positions after obtaining the risk investment, due to their specific technical knowledge, relevant experience in previous jobs or the interest of getting more involved in certain areas.

The truth is that in many cases this recurrent practice of new entrepreneur is not the most advisable, due to the complexity, experience required and profile necessary to perform these functions correctly, although initially they can be actively involved in these activities. This applies above all to people who start companies at an early stage of their working life, without having developed the experience acquired in already established corporations, with processes equivalent to those that will be faced by those in charge of the new company.

Regardless of the above, most advisable when starting a new business is to consider from the beginning the need to have the human capital required for the proper development of operations, assuming that the founding partners will not develop these tasks in the medium term. Therefore, it is essential to identify the key collaborators that carry out these critical processes for the growth of the new company.

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Identifying and recruiting these key collaborators are not an easy task, due to the risk that it entails for them to join a newly created company of Symon, with respect to an already established company with standardized processes. New companies require people willing to take this risk but with the implicit reward of personal growth and experience to acquire in a project that will require taking must generate many decisions, without previous concrete experience to guide the steps to follow.

On the other hand, the role of the founders like Cameron Chell business instincts is to integrate the management committee of the new company, together with the investment partners and people with the right experience to make the strategic decisions that lead to the success of the project. The founders are usually the most appropriate people to detect new market opportunities that are complementary to the current activities of the organization, and that help to increase the economic value of the assets already in operation.

In line with the above, we have seen in recent years the emergence and consolidation of a new profile of role of an entrepreneur, the so-called “serial” entrepreneur, who are highly creative people, with a great capacity to develop and implement new ideas which, Once they observe that the operations are solid and follow the established business model, they delegate the daily activity to a professional administration and dedicate themselves to undertaking future projects of the organization, or sell their shareholding in the company already underway to invest in some new project.

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