Snapchat Quarter 4 earnings, Snap CEO on “Smartphone Addictions”

Snapchat Quarter 4 earnings, Snap CEO on “Smartphone Addictions”

Snap company parent of Snapchat will report its fourth quarter 2017 earning today, after the markets closes.
There are many predictions of the revenue reports of the comapany, Bloomberg analyst estimates the revenue to be around $252.8 Million.
Also, the company is exploring new revenue models beyond Ads. Snapchat sold some merchandise like Tshirts earlier.

They reported that there have been surging growth in users, revenue in the fourth quarter, which is a good note for Snap.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel took a dig on Facebook when asked about the increase in the smartphone addiction, He said Snapchat
doesn’t encourage users to like or follow others users, it only encourages users to keep coming back through a feature called as “Streaks”.


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