Summer Trip: 8 Gadgets to Make Your Vacation Unforgettable in 2020

Summer Trip: 8 Gadgets to Make Your Vacation Unforgettable

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Summer is the time when dreams come true. Every year we go to the resort or a picnic with friends as if for the first time. New impressions, new ideas and new desires become reality.

In order to facilitate the implementation of summer plans, it’s worth taking a closer look at modern technologies and services. For example, if you like road trips, Avis rent a car at PIT airport would be a great solution for traveling around the USA.

Also, there are many gadgets designed to make your vacation unforgettable. Each of them is a godsend for summer holidays! If you are looking to customize your favorite devices in high quality you can check out: Mobile Mob.

Podo Micro Camera

Podo is a Bluetooth-camera that is slightly larger than a coin. It can be attached to any surface, and is able to take 8-megapixel photos or broadcast 720p-video to iOS and Android devices.

With it, you can take selfies, contact with friends via video chat, and even explore the lives of pets with children. In addition, Podo can also be used as a cheap tracking device for keeping your home safe while you are away.

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iGrill Smart Thermometer

The iGrill device is designed specifically for those who don’t want to hang around the grill all the time, cooking barbecue and skipping all the fun. This smart thermometer connects to the application on a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to monitor the readiness of the meat.

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Two industrial-grade temperature sensors are built into iGrill so that your dishes can compete with the creations of the best chefs in the world.

Turtle Shell 2.0 Portable Speaker

The Turtle Shell 2.0 speaker system is specially designed for outdoor use. It can be used in the park, in the country, and even on the beach.

This model has a shockproof and waterproof case, so that with its help you can enjoy your favorite music even in the pool. The speaker connects to any playback device via Bluetooth at a distance of 9.75 meters and works for 16 hours on a single battery charge. As a bonus, there’s a built-in microphone and the ability to receive calls with the speakerphone function.

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H2O Swim Case for iPod

The waterproof iPod Shuffle swimming kit can be safely taken with you into the water. This device is ideal for those who, even during boat trips and activities in the pool, don’t want to part with their favorite music.

The set includes swimming goggles with a built-in waterproof cover, on which the player’s control buttons are displayed, as well as Waterproof headphones with a short cord.


iSwimband Smart Bandage

If in the summer you plan to swim with children on the high seas, you should worry about the safety issue. iSwimband will save you from unnecessary worries.

This device is worn on the head (you can also attach it to glasses for scuba diving) and determines how long a person is under water. It’s designed just for children. The gadget is synchronized with the parent’s smartphone and, if the child is under water for too long, turns on the alarm in the phone.

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In addition, iSwimband can be worn on a person who doesn’t know how to swim. If he plunges into the water and begins to sink, the device will again send an alarm notification to the smartphone connected to it. The range is up to 30 meters.

Swimming Pool Alarm

This device is similar to the previous one, but it triggers from the first contact with water. This bracelet is ideal for young children who are too early to go into the water. Having put the bracelet on the child’s hand, you will be calm: the device will immediately give an alarm as soon as it touches the water. It has a large radius of action – up to 61 meters from the base.

This option doesn’t work with a smartphone, but equipped with a special docking station. It’s noteworthy that the battery will last for 3-4 years, and when it runs out, the bracelet itself will report it.


Cobra JumPack Charger

This charger is absolutely necessary for summer trips by car – after all, Cobra JumPack can charge not only a smartphone, but also a car. Cobra JumPack comes with wires to start the engine of a car, motorcycle, motor boat, or even snowmobile. It can also be used to charge mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.

Also, Cobra JumPack has a very bright built-in LED flashing light and can give a distress signal in case of emergency.

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Fitness Tracker

A lot of stories have already been told about the benefits of fitness trackers. In the summer this gadget will come in handy for you as never before. You can show off your achievements to friends. In winter, we all sit at our offices, but summer is a time of long walks.

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There are a lot of fitness trackers, and they all offer approximately the same functionality: they count the number of steps taken and translate them into distance, determine the number of calories burned, monitor the quality of sleep, and in some cases even measure the pulse. All this information is displayed on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.


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