Tricks To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Algorithm Updates

Tricks To Keep Your Website Safe From Google Algorithm Updates

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Search Engine Optimization is a challenging strategy because you need to do a lot of work to take your website on the top of search rankings. Even tougher is the challenge of sustaining your position up there. At the same time, you cannot imagine your business attaining growth without an SEO plan in place. After all, it makes online users aware of your business and ensures that your website is visible to them. Securing high ranking for your website is all about sticking to certain metrics defined by Google search algorithms. You can also checkout:  SRMG Global Cyprus

Though this may sound simple, there is much more to a successful SEO strategy if you scratch the surface. The biggest confusion for marketers relates to algorithm updates. They can strike anytime and cause a sudden drop in your ranking, which means that all the hard work may be wasted in a single day. The fact that algorithmic changes can happen out of the blue makes it literally scary. Is there anything that you can do to make your SEO strategy safe from Google algorithm updates? Yes, you can, and here are some tricks that can help. For SEO services, you can tryout AGR Technology SEO Services.

Create great content

Content is the single most important factor that can make or break your SEO strategy. Great content gets you quality backlinks that can take your website on the top of search rankings. Beyond that, it can also keep the site safe from Google algorithm updates. The reason is simple- content is and always will be the king for Google. Even if your ranking does get affected, your site will be able to recover sooner rather than later if you have genuine and valuable content on it. When it comes to value, any content piece that matches the buyer intent is considered a great one.

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Wear a white hat

Another tactic that ensures protection from ranking loss related to algorithmic updates is always sticking to white hat strategies. This ensures that you will always stay on Google’s good side and will not lose its favor. Essentially, white hat SEO is all about following best practices such as focusing on building high-quality links on authoritative websites. Avoid bad practices such as buying backlinks, having deceptive redirects and building seedy blog networks. Honest practices build Google’s trust, which is very important for sustainable rankings.

Focus in long-term rather than short-term

When it comes to building backlinks, focus on a long-term plan rather than quick-fix short-term tactics for a ranking boost. The latter will probably help you get results but there is no guarantee that they will be effective when an update comes. Adam White, CEO of SEOJet (, explains that with recent Google algorithm changes, building homepage brand authority is the most important aspect of SEO. This is something that you should bear in mind while building a long-term strategy to achieve success and maintain it despite the algorithmic updates.

Keep pace with the trends

The trickiest part about algorithm changes is that Google rarely announces them. They can happen anytime without a warning or indication. The best approach is to be prepared by keeping pace with the trend. Savvy marketers often keep a close eye on the rankings and take quick action if they notice anything amiss. You should also follow the industry influencers to get their opinion about the latest that is going on and the changes that are expected in the near future. Staying on top of the trends definitely gives you a cutting edge and keeps you one step ahead. This makes it easier to adapt to changes quickly and easily.

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Invest in your brand

If you want to build a site that is algorithm-proof, focus on building a brand rather than just reaching the top. The truth is that you will naturally figure high with a solid brand presence, even without doing much in terms of SEO. Branding is all about building your reputation and consolidating it over time. There is a lot that goes into a branding strategy, right from selling a top-notch product to designing a website that delivers seamless user experiences. Making an impact on social media and getting positive reviews from customers also help. As long as you have a robust brand presence and follow the right SEO practices, you need not worry much about algorithmic updates.

Focus on user experiences

Another element that keeps your site safe from algorithm updates is great user experience. Google loves the users and any website that keeps them happy will be prioritized. Focusing on user experiences, therefore, can make all the difference. From great content to seamless navigation, fast loading speed and mobile optimization, every single element that matters to the user should matter to you as well. So you need to make sure that regular website audits and optimization are a part and parcel of your SEO strategy. If you cover these areas, and update seldom makes a difference.

Keep it simple and secure

Besides regular optimization of your website, you should also keep it simple and easy to use. Minimalism is the key, whether it is about design or navigation. While it renders ease to the user, minimalism also ensures that your site does not get too heavy. Such sites often load slowly and deliver erratic performance. Also, ensure that it aces on the security front because Google has always prioritized security and will do it ahead as well. Security fosters trust of the users and Google as well and there are low chances that your site will fall in rankings if it is fully secure.

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Keeping your site unaffected by Google algorithm updates sounds like a humongous task. However, it is still doable if you have a seasoned SEO specialist overseeing your website. Only someone with the right skills and expertise can identify the gaps and address them. They also know what to expect in the near future, though there is not a foolproof method to anticipate the timing of an update. Still, handing over your website’s SEO to an expert can make you stress-free about the ever-changing algorithms.

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