How to Optimize Database in WordPress in 2018 {UPDATED}

WordPress database optimization makes your website load faster and improves the performance of the site by cleaning the unwanted files and data. However, people look for optimizing the database of their WordPress for various reasons. Let us know all those reasons here. If you want to optimize the WordPress database, the process is very simple and you can do it in just few seconds by checking this tutorial.

Some of the common reasons for WordPress database optimization include the useless data present in the database. Data such as spam comments, post revisions, orphaned meta data, trash and much more. All this data increases the database size and makes the overall performance of the website degrade. However, cleaning of this unwanted data can reduce the database size which would increase the load time of the site and improves the performance. So, optimize the database of your wordpress and make it perform at its best.

Backup the WordPress Database

As all the information of the website is maintained in the database, you should backup the database of the wordpress before optimizing it. It is mandatory for the users to know how to backup and restore the wordpress database before they optimize to avoid any issues further. Backup of database will save all the data of your website till now and if at any cost you want it back, you can restore it easily from the backup.

Wordpress Database optimization which is also called database cleaning can be done both manually and using the plugins. Here in this tutorial, let us see both the methods so that you can find the best suitable method to optimize your wordpress database.

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Optimizing WordPress Database Manually

Once you create the database backup of your WordPress, you can optimize the wordpress database. The simple and manual process is here.

  1. At first, Log in to the cPanel of the WordPress.
  2. Go to the category of the Database.
  3. Now open, “phpMyAdmin”
  4. Select your WordPress database present on the left side.
  5. Go down under the list of tables.
  6. Tap “Check All” button.
  7. Select “Optimize Table” from “With Selected” list.

This is how one can optimize the WordPress database in few simple and easy steps. This process only lasts few seconds even if you have many tables. Not only through phpMyAdmin, removing post revisions can also reduce database size, so you can do that manually to free-up the database anytime and make the WordPress performance better.

Best Plugins to Optimize Database in WordPress

Though manual method works effectively, many still use some popular plugins to optimize their website and make it perform best. We have listed few such plugins that are rated great by its users. Check them out and make use of the best plugin.

1. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a free plugin and dedicated effective tool for optimizing and cleaning the wordpress database. It is an excellent tool as per the user ratings with more than half million of active installations. WP-Optimize is a user-friendly plugin that cleans up all the unnecessary data from the database.

Once you install this plugin and activate it in your WordPress, it will defragment the tables in the database and allow you to perform optimization on tables. You can enable the periodic clean-ups and get control over optimization. Schedule or periodic clean-ups is the best option and it will do its job for you without your manual intervention.

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Some of the useful things that this plugin will do are deleting the trackbacks and pingbacks, removing post revisions that are unnecessary, showing stats of database etc. WP-Optimize is easy to use and it is also a mobile-friendly plugin. This is the must-have plugin if you want to clean or optimize your WordPress database.

2. WP-DB Manager

This is the next best plugin and alternative for WP-Optimize for optimizing database of wordpress and rated 4 out of 5. It is a free plugin with over 100,000 active installations. This is quite popular as the WP-Optimize and it will let you do practically all the work in the database.

WP-DB Manager will backup, restore, optimize and repair the WordPress database besides cleaning. It has many features to completely manage the database of wordpress. Users can also schedule the automatic optimization or backup or repair. You can also email the backup file yourself.

Directly using this plugin, you can delete the backups, empty/drop the tables of the database. However, you should be careful while using this menu and do those operations only if you are confident about them. You can also set the periodic or schedule clean-up as WP-Optimize which is the best option for its users.

Both these WordPress database optimizing plugin’s are just amazing and you can choose between them as per your choice or requirements.

Make Sure to backup the database of your WordPress and then proceed with any of the methods to make your WordPress clean and get loading faster than before. Hope, this post is helpful in optimizing the database.

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