Getting to know about Router IP Address


People are living in a world where the Internet is used so popularly. Thanks to it, everyone can get access to whatever they want to know in terms of politics, economics, cultures or different kinds of entertainment. The Internet has put a positive impact on each individual’s life. Without it, people may find it difficult to complete their work. Almost all of the people are using wifi networks but there are only a small number of them really understanding it. Therefore, this article will give people some useful information so that they are able to know more about the router admin page, specifically the one with IP

What is

According to informatics experts, the is called a home gateway. It is also known as the default address that is created for your private Linksys router. Thanks to it, people are able to get access directly to the management of models, routers or different kinds of wifi. There are a number of IP main addresses but is the most popular one. It is called one of the host addresses to other networks. Once you decide to buy a model to use for your house or your office, you should login before starting doing other things.

Which class does the address belong to?

There are a wide range of different classes of IP address ranging from class A to class E. Each class has its own binary as well as explanation for the numbers. For address, it belongs to the C class with a binary of 11000000. The first three bits are 110, which begins from the range of to This class is suitable for small networks, unlike class A or B, which are suitable for large and medium networks. The C class that the address belongs to has 24 bits for network and the other ones for hosts. As a result, people can easily assign for their private network.

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How to login IP Address?

It is very easy to login First of all, people have to make sure that they have connected their computer with the router via an ethernet cable. Then, wait for the lighting signal of the router to light up in order to open your favorite browser. You can choose whatever browser you want like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

In the next steps, you will have to work with your computer. In the search bar, type the or just copy the link in this article to find the default homepage of your router. Fill in your username as well as password to login. Having finished entering these information, your process is completed and you can use the Internet freely at any time you want. During your use time, you can change the parameter or the password of the wifi. In addition, you can also change the default setup of the wifi or use different high quality functions.

Router IP Address

You ought to check your default router username and password carefully before starting to login to your private router/ Ph:

Ways to change the default username and password

The default username and password that the manufacturer set on is sometimes too weak. Therefore, users often have to change them for better protection with different characters that only them can remember. By doing this, they can somehow prevent their wifi network from outside attackers who want to get users’ private information.

So as to do that, you will have to login the admin page of your IP address with the default username and password. Then you will see so many different sections that allow you to change these information. One of the quickest ways to know which brand your device belongs to is to search the manufacturer’s name on Google. You will receive official instructions from the manufacturer on their homepage. Read them carefully in order to change the default password and username in the right way.

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What would you do if you cannot login to

There are so many reasons why you cannot login to router IP address In these situations, you need to make sure that you are using the standard gateway. Open the windows terminal to figure out which private IP address that is used by your router. Then, on the search icon, type the text “cmd”. After that, type in “ipconfig” and your standard gateway IP address is right on the screen for you to check.

Router IP Address

It is very easy to check the problems of your private router and all the steps are included in this article for you/ Ph:

In case you are sure that the IP address is the default address for your router but you still cannot get access to it, it is possible that there still exists some logic mistakes. Then you have to reset the device. There is a physical button on the back of the router. Press and hold that hidden button for about 10 seconds with a thin or sharp object like a toothpick or needle. While holding it, try to make sure that the POWER led of the router is blinking because this shows that you are doing correctly.

After resetting the router, wait some seconds for your router to be stable again. Then, use the IP address to login the router to use the Internet for your work.

Router IP Address

There are a number of reasons why you cannot login to your router to use the Internet/ Ph:

Another way to figure out why you cannot login the IP address is to check the phone connection line. It may be the thing that prevents you from loginning to the default page. Thus, disconnect the phone line and use the address to login your router again.

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But when all of your efforts above are useless, you have to contact your ISP or manufacturer so that they can help you to deal with this problem. Thanks to them, you will know more detailed information about your router to fix it. In case you cannot login on your own, they will send some technicians to your house. Therefore, do not hesitate to call your manufacturer for assistance when you really need it.

Advises for using the IP address

In order to fix the problems of the home gateway effectively, you need some helpful advice below. First of all, when you cannot login to the page, you should reset the device before doing the other way. By doing this, you can avoid wasting a lot of time.

Second, if you do not have enough knowledge about the way to reset modem, you should find the assistance from the support team of the manufacturer you registered to use before. This will prevent you from causing unwanted problems.

Last but not least, try to know about the details of your IP address. This is the important information that has a huge effect on the results of your fixing.

All in all, getting to know more about the IP address is so important for everyone. Spending time acknowledging it, you will be able to use your private network better while protecting it against potential problems.


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