5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Physical Security

One of the toughest jobs for business owners is securing their business. As a business owner you’re responsible for protecting your assets, data, and the people working for you.

Owning a retail store, a manufacturing company, or a professional office exposes you to some risks in the form of violence, vandalism, burglary and theft, fire etc.

In today’s world most businesses are focused on cyber and technological security. However, physical security is still a big concern.

According to an FBI report, there were at least 6.9 million property crime cases in 2019. This number includes both residences and commercial properties.

Bearing that in mind, businesses need to maintain strict security features that identify vulnerabilities and close loopholes before they are exploited.

Here are handy tips on how to protect your business from physical security threats ranging from burglars to the sneaky criminals after your data.

Secure Your Business From The Outside

You don’t want a loophole that allows random people to stroll through your company’s front door and gain access to sensitive information or threaten your employee’s safety. The first line of defense is to secure the property from the outside.

Once the outside is protected, a huge portion of the job is done because most of the physical threats to your business are external.

You can up security at the entry points by hiring trained guards who have experience in detecting and stopping threats before they become an issue.

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Specialsecurityservices.com is a good place to start if you want to learn more about different levels of security threats and how to hire security professionals.

Improve on features such as outdoor lighting, perimeter fencing and external door locks. Intruders should always struggle to bypass these outdoor security systems.

Good Locks or a Keyless System

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. You will need to install better locks especially on doors that lead to the most expensive stuff.

Commercial grade locks with deadbolts are always a good start. Especially if there is a lot of traffic in and out of the premises as these locks are easy to maintain as they withstand more use.

Maintenance of the locks is also important. Malfunctioning locks should be regularly checked and repaired or replaced as they represent vulnerability.

You should also consider automatic door locks that remotely allow you to keyless access into the premises.

Having automatic locks saves you from the concern that your keys might fall into the wrong hands. The keyless system is also ideal in controlling employee access to sensitive areas.

Set Up Monitoring and Surveillance

You have to know who’s coming in and out of your business at all times. That information can save you a lot of damages. That’s where video surveillance comes in. It’s a smart investment that should always be part of your security plan.

Well positioned security cameras in entry points, and other vulnerable areas help anticipate and discourage security threats.

Keep in mind that the surveillance cycle is not complete without around the clock monitoring and response.

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Hardware and Software Data Protection

Businesses have embraced technology at a breakneck speed over the past years.

However, criminals also target this avenue involving organization’s electronic gadgets and data stored in them. Securing these gadgets and valuable data is just as important as protecting the business bank account.

The business should always secure its computers against burglary, damage or unauthorized access.

Hiring a competent IT department is also critical in preparing for computer security threats such as deep fakes, phishing attacks, and insider threats.

The IT solutions need to protect hardware and software systems by monitoring computer use, data backups, network security, and data encryption quality.

Employee Training

As much as it’s upon employers to guarantee business security, employees also play a crucial role.

Employees are best positioned to identify faulty surveillance apparatus, suspicious people, violence incidents, and missing items.

The business should equip employees with the necessary skills for situational awareness and threat perception. Training courses from security professionals is a good start.


Improving your business’s physical security is a big but crucial step for continued operations. You don’t need to know anything about security systems though as there are companies dedicated to such services.

Remember, a safe and secure business creates an environment that encourages productivity.


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