TOP 5 Brainstorming apps for Mac in 2018

Brainstorming apps for Mac

Are you working on a first educational project? You have a variety of entirely different ideas, and you need to organize all of them in order, don’t you? If this situation is well-familiar to you, then your important mission is to find a multi-featured and powerful mind mapping app which will help you keep everything in order. Here are some of the best brainstroming apps for mac.

We rendered a decision to scour through different applications and came across the best options.


It is a modern application which allows you to keep all thoughts and ideas in order. The application is compatible with iOS devices. Analyzing programs with the similar functionality, we concluded that this app is the easiest one among all others you can find in the App Store.

The program supports different languages allowing you to make notes in English, Italian, German, French, etc. If your principal objective is to find a reliable tool you can use for ideas generation or taking notes, this app will meet your demands!

iThoughtsX is endowed with more than 90 clip arts and 100 built-in icons. Nothing can limit your creative process!


This app is another tool for those who need a high-quality brainstorming application. You won’t face any difficulties with this software. All options are very easy to use. To create a mind map, you need to select a central idea and several additional ones. All branches, coming from the central idea are multi-colored. Besides, users can even add photos, videos or links. If you wish to make an attachment, you shouldn’t leave the app.

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This is a powerful tool for those who need a top-quality brainstorming software product.


If you aren’t satisfied with the functionality of the programs as mentioned earlier, you can prefer XMind. The main benefit of this tool is a wide array of pre-formatted templates. Otherwise stated, you shouldn’t rack your brains over the question which template to choose to create a mind map. If necessary, users can also share the results of their work with colleagues (files are sent in a PDF format). If you are a squeamish user, you can develop your theme from scratch.

There is another benefit of this program – a free trial version, allowing you to test the functionality for free.

QMind Map

This app will help you create simple mind maps for different projects. There is a free version allowing users to use some essential features for free. If you want to test its full version, you need to upgrade. Nevertheless, the price for the full version is only $13.


This tool is endowed with the same functionality as the applications mentioned above have. Nevertheless, there is a small difference: users of this program can also attach audio nodes to maps. The choice of themes is also fantastic.

Android and iOS users can check the functionality of this software for free. Just download a free trial version and create three maps free of cost! Commonly, 3free maps are enough to test the general functionality of the software product before you purchase the subscription.


This tool is a prudent solution for those who used to deal with creative projects on an ongoing basis. It allows users to create bright diagrams with different icons and symbols. The app offers five layout options. Users should pick up the one they like most of all and shape their mind maps.

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Analyzing the interface and toolbar, we can conclude that you won’t spend hours to understand how to use the app. An intuitive toolbar will help you create maps with only one click. You can quickly add nodes into nodes, hide or unhide them, and even add hyperlinks to nodes.

There is a free version which allows users to add only 20 nodes to one map. Nevertheless, you can always buy the subscription (its price is only $8).

Coming up with a mind map, you need a top-quality tool, full of different options and capabilities. Besides, the app should run smoothly, without any glitches. Our review will help you render a decision and pick up a great tool which will speed up your creative work. You can also check the reviews of real customers, those who have already tested the benefits of these applications and can share their opinions with other users.

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