How to Test your Android application

How to Test your Android application

Application Testing is a necessary part of Application Development. Thousands of Application Developers are getting into this race of application development daily. There are a lot of problems and questions that a developer needs to face on his/her career. But How to test your android application?

One such problem is App Testing. You need to test your application before adding it on google play store/app store to provide a versatile experience to users.

Testing the application can be a bit tricky for a new app developer who just started his/her app developing journey.

This is the complete guide which will help you to test your one applications in few simple steps.


There are 2 general methods of testing your Application. First one is automatic and second is manual. You have the option to test your application either automatically or manually.

The manual process is a bit hard and is not made for beginner app developers. You can use the automatic method where you don’t need to do anything. The testing process will be started in some few clicks.

We won’t be discussing the manual mode as this guide is completely made for beginners who just started their journey of app development.

We will be taking a look at the automatic mode which can help you Test your applications in a few clicks automatically.

Automatic method is done by Tester applications. Some of them are free but some are paid. The paid ones are a bit professional and come with slightly better features than the free ones.

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There are a lot of such applications that can help you test your application. It is hard to find the best tester application for a beginner but we have come across with 2 applications that can make the job done pretty easily in just a few clicks.

Tester applications

  • Test DPC Application

Test DPC Application is a free application on Google play store which can be downloaded for free. It is supported on almost all platforms including Windows, Android, iOS etc.

Test DPC Application is designed to test the DPC of any application. You can use this application anytime, anywhere and under any conditions as it is free from Age restrictions and Geographical restrictions.

The application comes in very handy to test your applications without paying even a single penny. This is a perfect application that you can use to test your applications before uploading them to Google play store/Apple app store.

  • Test Fairy

Test Fairy is another great application tester on our list. It also helps you to easily test your application through few clicks. It is also a free application and It is also available on play store.

Test Fairy allows you to have a look at your application by user’s perspective so that you can judge your own application in a slightly better way.

Overall, It is a great application that you can use to test your applications before giving them access to users.


These were some great applications that you can use to test your applications flawlessly without any hassle.

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